Gwen Stefani album reveals pain, heartbreak with lyrics


Pop singer Gwen Stefani is pictured on the “This Is What The Truth Feels Like” album cover.

By Alexis Malapitan

Pop singer Gwen Stefani’s new album, “This is What the Truth Feels Like,” is honest, beautifully written and something everyone who is going through heartbreak can relate to.

The album is the first for Stefani since her release of “Sweet Escape” in 2006. “This is What the Truth Feels Like” dropped at midnight Friday and includes 12 tracks, featuring hit singles “Misery” and “Make Me Like You.”

“This is What the Truth Feels Like” introduces listeners to a heartbreaking track, “Misery.” The soft-drum song is one of Stefani’s first singles off of the album and features booming snaps and claps, adding a unique sound. “Misery” invites listeners to get a taste of her love life.

The singer experienced a very public split from Gavin Rossdale, an English musician and actor. “Misery” shows Stefani in her most vulnerable state, as she passionately sings about being lonely, betrayed, heartbroken and of course — in misery. Stefani’s unique vocals blend well with the low drumbeats and claps, adding a tribal vibe to the song:

“Where’d you go? I got so used to being ‘round you boy. I’m trying not to care, but where’d you go? I’m doing my best to be sensible. I’m trying not to care, but. You’re like drugs, you’re like drugs to me.”

Stefani was clearly in love with her husband — referring to him as her “drug.” I like that she uses powerful lyrics and metaphors to describe Rossdale as a way to let her anger and sadness out.

The fourth song on Stefani’s album, “Make Me Like You,” brings a more cheery feeling to the album. Despite the title, Stefani transforms a sad breakup song into a catchy dance tune. “Make Me Like You” has a retro ‘80s vibe to it accompanied with high-pitched and enthusiastic “ooh’s.” The electric pianos and guitars add to the cheery aspect of the song, which makes it enjoyable to listen to.

I enjoy “Make Me Like You,” because it is another song that listeners can relate to after going through a breakup.

“Used To Love You,” the album’s hit single and sixth song, is my favorite because it shows Stefani at her most vulnerable but honest state. She pours her heart out into this song after her split from Rossdale. Stefani sings with such passion that the listener can almost empathize with her. The church-like sounding organs, electric pianos and drums are unique and add a somewhat mellow tone to this song.

“This is What the Truth Feels Like” is Stefani’s most honest album, as she pours her heart and soul into each song, artfully describing how her relationship with Rossdale went downhill. While country singer Blake Shelton is indirectly mentioned in some parts of the album, this is mainly for her ex-husband and all the hurt she experienced at the time.

After 10 years, I am happy to see Gwen Stefani back on the scene.