Food Friday: Toppers Pizza


Food Friday: Toppers Pizza

By Morgan Carrigan

Macaroni and cheese doesn’t sound like a pizza topping, but it is my favorite and go-to pizza topping since coming to NIU.

If you haven’t tried the famous Mac n’ Cheese Pizza at Toppers Pizza, 1015 W. Lincoln Highway, you need to today. At first I was skeptical about the choice of pizza, but I am now a huge fan. Order the pizza with a side of buffalo sauce and you won’t be disappointed.

Of course you need to compliment your pizza with an order of Topperstix. My personal favorite are the ones with bacon.

The best thing about Toppers is they usually offer deals and bundle selections that will make your Food Friday choice a little bit cheaper. This selection is a guilty pleasure that will leave you wondering why macaroni and cheese pizza hasn’t always been a phenomenon.