Beats from the Street: Feb. 16


By Northern Star staff

Here’s what some NIU students had on their playlists this week.

Law graduate student Sarah Ziki said her favorite music is pop-rock and “Here” by Alessia Cara is her current favorite song. 

“It makes me feel closer to the singer and it’s relatable,” Ziki said.

“I like rap music that has a meaning to it,” said senior nursing major Angelica Vazquez. “Like Tupac, who talks about treating women right. I like the meaning and the beat.”

Vazquez said her favorite song right now is “Ultralight Beam” by Kanye West.

Junior accounting major Daniel Kozlak said his favorite song right now is “30 Hours” by Kanye West. Kozlak said his favorite type of music is hip-hop.

“I’ve always grown up with it and I like the sampling they use in the production,” Kozlak said. “I look a lot at the production of music.”