Dance competition returns to campus


Members of Vanity dance team practice for the Phlip Da Script dance competition. The competition begins at 8 p.m. Friday in the Holmes Student Center, Carl Sandburg Auditorium.

By Michael Malaychuk

DeKalb | Members of Phi Beta Sigma fraternity will hold the first Phlip Da Script dance competition in three years on Friday.

Phlip Da Script marks the end of Sigma Week, a week in which the fraternity’s newest members are revealed and several popular events are held, including a suicide awareness program and the Sigmas Don’t Haze anti-hazing workshop.

The competition will consist of six dance teams. Four of them — ENVY Dance Troupe, Vanity, Supremacy and Y.B.L. — are organizations from NIU, while the other two competing teams will travel from Chicago.

Alonte Holliday, senior political science and communication major and Phi Beta Sigma president, said everybody is welcome and attendees should expect much more than a dance competition; the teams might have skits or videos involved in their performances. Some of the squads will focus on rap and hip-hop, but others will bring more technical and artistic dancing styles to the table.

“Be ready to see anything,” Holiday said. “A lot of dance competitions have certain themes or requirements, but what I love about Phlip Da Script is that it’s a no holds barred competition. It’s really for whoever likes entertainment.”

LaToya Jackson, NIU alumna and Vanity president, said the team has been practicing since the beginning of September and is ready to show NIU what it is made of.

“We learned different styles of dance for this competition just to show what our team is capable of,” Jackson said “I am extremely excited about this competition because Vanity has grown so much.”

Malcolm Toure, NIU alum and ENVY Dance Troupe president, said the audience should look forward to a great show.

“We can’t wait to see the crowd’s reaction to what we’re bringing to the table,” Toure said.