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Point/Counterpoint: FASFA submission date change

By Perspective Staff | August 29, 2016

Counterpoint:Kara MercerColumnistFree Application for Federal Student Aid could have kept the Jan. 1 acceptance date while still allowing the previous year’s tax information. This would allow students to get through a full semester before having to...

Infocus: Should a program prioritization town hall have been held?

By Perspective Staff | May 2, 2016

Kaylyn ZielinskiColumnistThe university should have waited until the program prioritization reports were released to have the town hall meeting because the meeting did not provide any new or vital information.The meeting did not address the programs that...

Safety concerns must not stop student travel

By Kara Mercer | March 31, 2016

Recent attacks in Brussels and Paris could make students feel apprehensive about studying abroad, but students shouldn’t be discouraged because there are resources provided by NIU to ensure safety.Students should know all of their options before travelling...

Pass/Fail: Diversity Dialogues promote discussions, NIU Wi-Fi outages

By Kara Mercer | March 23, 2016

Fail:NIU’s Wi-Fi went down today, which causes a lot of problems for the whole campus. Students rely on their computers to turn in assignments and do research. Professors often rely on the internet for their lectures. Offices around campus communicate...

In Focus: Would you recommend to students, faculty?

By Northern Star staff | March 21, 2016 is an online learning company meant to teach people the skills needed to achieve their career goals, according to their website. NIU signed a three year contract with in November that would allow students and faculty access to the...

NIU should diversify job fairs for all student majors

By Kara Mercer | February 18, 2016

While NIU offers an education in various majors, there is a lack of representation of some majors when it comes to career resources on campus. Career fairs in particular need to better represent different majors.NIU provides help on campus for finding...

InFocus: Can students rely on MAP grants?

By Northern Star staff | January 21, 2016

Angela PaganPerspective EditorMany state funded-programs are not reliable due to the budget impasse, and MAP grants are included in the mix.Recently, an email sent to MAP grant recipients said NIU will continue to credit students this grant although the...

E-books offer students more options, freedom

By Kara Mercer | December 7, 2015

Book buybacks are a hassle at the end of each semester, which is one reason teachers should require more books with e-book options.It is finals week and students are walking into bookstores to return heavy textbooks they rented for the semester, or trying...

InFocus: How do you beat procrastination?

By Northern Star staff | December 3, 2015

Angela PaganProcrastination is one of my biggest struggles when it comes to schoolwork. Once I am in the zone I can accomplish just about anything, but it takes so long for me to get in the zone that I tend to rush through things that need to be worked...

A Syrian refugee child sleeps in his fathers arms while waiting at a resting point to board a bus Oct. 4, after arriving on a dinghy from the Turkish coast to the northeastern Greek island of Lesbos.

InFocus: Should Illinois accept Syrian refugees?

By Northern Star staff | November 19, 2015

Angela PaganI do not agree with Gov. Bruce Rauner’s decision to stop accepting refugees into Illinois. Rejecting refugees does not exemplify the principles of this nation. Our country is a product of religious refugees seeking asylum. So at this moment...

Pass: HSC lights support Paris, Fail: Weekday home games too noisy

By Kara Mercer | November 19, 2015

Pass:With the tragedies that have happened in Paris, I am proud of my university for lighting up the Holmes Student Center last weekend with French colors. The NIU community is used to the red and white lights, but adding the blue really showed NIU’s...