In Focus: What helps you prepare for finals?

By Northern Star staff

Andrew Roberts

This is perhaps the most tedious thing you may ever do in terms of studying, but the way my mind works. I need every word re-written from my notes. This is a lengthy process that involves me opening up a sketchbook to a blank page, grabbing a pen, and copying down my notes from my lined notebooks.

Something about seeing the words flow onto the blank, white pages helps my brain remember the information better. Also if I want to relax before studying, I walk near the lagoon and maybe chat up a goose. They are surprisingly excellent listeners, and I’ve learned that if you don’t look them directly in the eye they won’t attack your face.

Alexis Malaptian

As much as I love junk food, it’s not something I’d eat during finals week. It makes you tired, and if you eat too much of it, you could get sick, which is why eating fruits like pineapples and bananas helps me study. Pineapples are refreshing to my mouth, and I treat them like a healthy sweet treat after I’ve tackled at least three chapters of reading. Bananas have potassium, which is helpful for remembering information. Eating healthy usually keeps me focused and geared up for my final exams.

Sleep is the key. Sleeping helps the brain retain information, which is very important during finals week. It also helps me stay energized the next day.

Darius Parker

The way I study is somewhat unconventional. I usually have headphones turned up to the maximum volume on my favorite playlist. It’s weird, I can’t seem to focus when a room is too quiet. It leaves opportunity for my mind to wander and think about all the things I could be doing with my time aside from studying.

So, instead of hiding in a library, I enjoy the comfort of being in my suite and letting the information flow from the book to my memory on the sound waves of the song playing at the time. I’ve written some of my best research papers while blasting some of my most favorite Beyonce’ tunes.

Sabreena Saleem

Nothing helps me study better than going to a café with Wi-Fi. If I get too comfortable studying at home, there’s a good chance I’m going to close my laptop and take a nap. If I’m in a public place with just a table and hard, uncomfortable chairs, there’s no way I’m falling asleep.

Being in a cafe setting also helps with accountability. People around you are going to be able to tell if you’re watching Netflix on your laptop instead of doing work, and you’ll probably feel like a jerk taking up space someone actually studying could be using.

Lastly, I need loads of coffee and snacks, and what better place to get those than a café?

Deanna Frances

Studying with a friend can make your studying more enjoyable, and you can also help each other study. If you have a friend that is in same class as you, you can quiz each other to make sure that you both know the exam material. Just make sure that your friend doesn’t distract you from the task at hand.

Also, instead of trying to cram the night before an exam, take a few days to go over all of your study materials and try to make the most out of your limited time. Take some time to study, and then give yourself a short break so that you can continue to be focused throughout most of the day.