“House of Cards” may come crashing down


Kevin Spacey poses with the award for best actor in a television series – drama for “House of Cards” at the 72nd annual Golden Globe Awards  Sunday. The series returns to Netflix for its third season Feb. 27.

By Arthur Aumann

Kevin Spacey winning a Golden Globe wasn’t the only treat “House of Cards” fans got Sunday night: The first trailer of season three was revealed during the ceremony, and it looks as intoxicating as the first two.

Season two ended with a climax fans have been waiting for with Frank Underwood’s ascension to the presidency, but it appears as if the façade is about to crack.

How will Frank handle the presidency and the people who still oppose him? Now that he’s obtained absolute power how far will he go with it domestically and internationally? In a show that has been driven by the thirst for revenge, we can expect plenty more to come.

Will Frank be able to deal with Doug’s death, and what will happen to Rachel? Doug was Frank’s most trusted foot soldier; with him out of the picture, Frank will have to work even harder to cover his tracks — all while worrying about whether Rachel will reveal his past transgressions.

The trailer shows Claire and Frank possibly growing apart, with a shot of them sitting apart and staring out the windows of their limo. The end of the trailer shows her realization of how far Frank has gone as she says, “We’re murderers, Francis.” Claire seems to be coming undone, which is far from her role as Frank’s equally conniving partner-in-crime, a character we’ve grown accustomed to.

We also caught glimpses of Gavin Orsay in a trailer, so perhaps his hacking skills will come back into play and he will finish the job Lucas started — trying to expose Frank. The cyberterrorism subplot of season two with Gavin and the FBI was a nice addition to the show to compensate for the loss of Zoe. It will be interesting to see how they wrap it up. Speaking of Lucas, maybe his old co-workers will start to believe his story about Frank being responsible for Zoe’s murder.

It’s unknown whether season three will be the finale. Most signs point to yes because there’s really nowhere Frank can go from here except down. It would be in the series’ best interest to conclude with this season rather than end disastrously by dragging on for too long like “Dexter.”

“House of Cards” returns to Netflix Feb. 27.