Musical Study Guide

By Arthur Aumann

You may wish you spent more time studying instead of trying to get on huskie_snaps, but fret not: This playlist will guide you through judgement day — also known as finals week.

“Pokémon” theme song

Wanting to be the best like no one ever was isn’t only applicable if you’re traveling across Kanto in search of eight gym badges.

Believe in yourself and you’ll always succeed — or at least keep telling yourself that and pray your professor has mercy on you.

“You Only Live Twice” by Nancy Sinatra

Screw YOLO. Nancy Sinatra and the cast of the 1967 James Bond film of the same name were decades ahead of Drake’s “The Motto.” If your professor doesn’t have mercy on you, at least you’ll have another life.

“Psycho” soundtrack

Instead of visualizing Norman Bates slashing Marion Crane in the shower, envision yourself killing your final exam (metaphorically, of course). Even if you’re not into scary movies, Bernard Herrmann’s score is worth listening to.

“The Reindeer Boogie” by Hank Snow

There’s nothing like a festive song to shift your focus from the end of the semester to the holiday season, like you needed a reminder, anyway. I’m sure the reindeer won’t be the only ones boogying in the coming weeks.

“Party Hard” by Andrew W.K.

We can only assume Andrew W.K. was referring to a study party when he wrote this song.

“Teach Me How to Dougie” by Cali Swag District

You probably learned a lot this semester, or maybe you didn’t, but why not learn one last thing?

The Dougie, or, as English majors call it, the Douglas, will stick with you more than 75-minute molecular biology lectures will. “Teach Me How to Dougie” is applicable to your everyday life, such as when someone asks you if you know how to do the Dougie.

“Skyfall” by Adele

This is the second song on the list that happens to be from a James Bond movie so you’re probably thinking I have some sort of weird James Bond fetish. You’re probably right.

“Elekktroshockk” by Dubsidia

When it hits 4 a.m. the day of the final, you’re going to be fading fast. “Elekktroshockk” will wake you up as you listen to the bass drop like your GPA probably will after finals.

“The Angry River” by The Hat

This song is really on the list for no reason other than to promote “True Detective.” It’s “Breaking Bad’s” successor for the best show on television, so go watch it — but only after you finish studying for finals, of course.