Dancer promotes faculty’s company with social media

Zoe Hamilton, senior dance performance major, practices ballet Oct. 20 in Gabel Hall. Hamilton manages social media for the dance company Danszloop Chicago. The company’s production, “An Evening of Naughty Thoughts,” closes Oct. 26

By Claire Buchanan

Zoe Hamilton, senior dance performance major, collaborates with Chicago companies for dance group Danszloop’s final performances of “An Evening of Naughty Thoughts” this weekend.

Hamilton, who received a grant from the Undergraduate Artistry and Research Apprenticeship Program, has been working with dance professor Paula Frasz’s dance company, Danszloop Chicago, to increase their presence in social media. The grant has enabled her to work one-on-one as an apprentice under Frasz.

“You know how they say it’s not who you are, it’s who you know? [In dance] it absolutely is … so I’m kind of trying to connect her [Frasz] with all the other companies in Chicago,” Hamilton said. “They’re a great company, but it’s almost private.”

Hamilton’s work so far has included creating Instagram and Twitter accounts for Danszloop. She is also connecting the dance company with marketing opportunities for its current performance.

“I’m learning to contact editors, critics, radio stations,” Hamilton said. “I’m doing all of this work to promote Danszloop’s show, ‘An Evening of Naughty Thoughts.’ I’m doing a lot of promotional stuff like that, plus I kind of put them on a speed track to social media.”

Although the final three shows of “An Evening of Naughty Thoughts” take place this weekend, Hamilton will continue her work with social media for the company after the production ends.

“This is good for me when I audition for companies,” Hamilton said. “In the dance program here at NIU, it isn’t a requirement to have an internship … but because I have all this experience connecting with Chicago and establishing this company, I’ll be more likely to be picked over another girl with less experience.”