Brighten up room with fall artwork

By Kevin Bartelt

Colorful autumn paintings reflect the outside’s beauty even in a cubicle-like room.

With these artworks on students’ walls, their imagination can’t escape spending time in the vivid, liberating sceneries.

“Rain’s Rustle” by Leonid Afremov

Leonid Afremov illustrates a rainy, autumn night with a man and woman walking under a single umbrella.

The vibrant colors depict seasons changing with warm oranges and muted greens. The most unique part of “Rain’s Rustle” is the fusion of washed, cool and warm shades on the rain-covered sidewalk. The similar brush strokes of the leaves and blue sky create a kaleidoscopic outcome that tie the separate images together. You can’t blame the arm-in-arm couple for taking their time strolling down the splashy, rich parkway.

“Rain’s Rustle” brings a sense of company to a dreary day.

“Away From It All” by Thomas Kinkade

“Away From It All’s” three sources of light — the campfire, moon and inside the cabin — elevate the mistiness and softness of the scene.

The maroon leaves on the tree behind the log cabin add a subtle chill to the crisp atmosphere and invite viewers to enter the warm cottage. The mountain range and horizon add miles of distance from the rocky stream of running water.

Although Thomas Kinkade depicts a vast forest, there’s something comforting about the chimney’s rising smoke.

Students can truly get “Away From It All” with this secluded getaway.

“October Road” by David Lloyd Glover

This calming painting looks similar to a DeKalb path with its colorful shades of orange and alluring, green landscape.

While the trees block the sun, they create massive shadows over the small path. The opening of the fence and disappearing road provide two routes for the imagination. Like a small speck on the sun, bright yellow leaves on one tree stand out from the surrounding fiery orange leaves.

“October Road’s” perfect autumn day brings life to the dullest room.