Halftime show lacks peppers

By Lauren Iverson

As the Seattle Seahawks flew high over the Denver Broncos, Bruno Mars cooked a very small plate of chili peppers.

Mars shined as bright as his glittering golden jacket at Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime show. The show opened with a children’s choir performing a toned-down “Billionaire.” Listening to children sing about wanting to be filthy rich contradicted the adorable choir’s innocence.

From there, the lights illuminated Bruno as he impressed the crowd with his drumming chops. Many are unaware Mars is a very impressive musician — his talents go beyond singing.

The best part of the show was by far “Just the Way You Are.” The simplicity of the song and Mars’ performance were capable of making hearts melt and fans swoon.

Viewers could see how he was feeling the words to the song, and his emotions shone through his face. The song that seemed to have launched him into stardom was the perfect finish to the show.

Throughout his performance at the halftime show, it was a bit difficult to hear Mars over the instruments in the background. I could hear what he was saying, but his microphone should have been a little louder so he’d be easier to understand.

Although the show had many great moments, it lacked a satisfying connectivity between Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. With all the hype behind the Chili Peppers appearing with the pop star, the artists were not on stage long enough.

Mars began singing the rock group’s “Give It Away,” which was when the Chili Peppers joined in. The short song was not enough for a band that’s been moving people for 20 years.

While Mars was as amazing as usual, the halftime show failed audiences with a lack of Red Hot Chili Peppers.

And on a fashion note, why did the background musicians wear the exact same outfit as Mars? Usually, background dancers and musicians wear different clothes to make the main performer stick out; however, this was not the case.

There were many moments where Mars was difficult to spot as he blended in with the background musicians.