Comedian keeps humor family-friendly


By Parker Otto

Comedian Brian Regan delivered family-friendly humor Sunday in a fantastic stand-up act at the Egyptian Theatre.

The show touched on marching bands, starvation and political opinions, with all jokes resulting in a lot of laughs.

Regan delivered clean-cut but hilarious humor that proved profanity is not necessary to get laughs. Regan’s timing was fantastic, and his jokes had people rolling in their seats with laughter.

Regan’s delivery was excellent, and added to her performace by moving in a crazy manner across the stage and changing his voice to funny effects such as yelling in a comedic manner.

Even when Regan messed up a joke, he managed to fix his mistake by correcting it and making fun of himself in the process.

The joke in question was about how someone thought animals were smarter than people and Regan disagreed by saying how the dams of beavers were insignificant in comparison to the Hoover Dam.

“Maybe animals are smarter than humans,” Regan said. “You don’t see an otter blowing a joke at a comedy show.”

Regan joked about seeing a political statement on Twitter and someone commented to politely disagree.

“And I [also] saw a unicorn,” Regan said

The opening act was hilarious as well. Comedian Steven Rogers entertained the crowd by making fun of himself.

He joked about his name being the same as Marvel superhero Captain America’s.

“I saw a guy named Peter Parker on the street, and we just kind of hugged it out,” Rogers said.

His comedy was well-timed and his jokes were executed well. Other topics included Rogers ‘anxiety, sunken breastbone and relationships. When describing how his girlfriend had more previous partners than himself, Rogers said he didn’t think that was intimidating because he knew what not to do based on past stories.

“When you’re crossing a minefield, it’s better when there’s craters and boots everywhere instead of going onto clean terrain,” Rogers said.

The show was an enjoyable exercise in comedy that provided some good fun and relatable humor.