Stay inside with December video games


The graphic adventure “The Walking Dead: Season Two” is a highly anticipated game that comes out in December.

By Josh Alfrey

Even though December gaming isn’t full of big names, its stocking is certainly not full of coal.

“The Walking Dead: Season Two”

One anticipated release this month is the episodic graphic adventure of “The Walking Dead’s” second season.

Players follow the stories of survivors set in the same universe as the show’s weary sheriff, Rick Grimes. This series has received praise for its emotional and exciting story, which is more akin to the comics than the TV show.

“The Walking Dead: Season Two” game has become a hit with its emphasis on plot and choices instead of gameplay. In a similar style to “Beyond: Two Souls,” “The Walking Dead” game is more of a cinematic story.

Unlike “Beyond: Two Souls,” “The Walking Dead” truly puts the game in the players’ hands. This video game is an excellent story to immerse oneself in during these cold months. The adventure game releases this month.

“Gran Turismo 6”

Luckily, console gaming has not completely abandoned the consumers. “Gran Turismo 6” releases for PlayStation 3 Friday.

Yes, you read that right. It’s for PlayStation 3, despite the PS4’s recent launch. That doesn’t mean “Gran Turismo 6” can’t bring a strong next-generation racing experience.

Polyphony Digital developers have made a crisp and solid game with this famed franchise’s sixth installment. Regarding graphics and mechanics, players have incredible control over their cars. With new tracks and vehicle choices, “Gran Turismo 6” does not look to disappoint loyal fans.

“Peggle 2”

“Peggle 2,” a long-awaited puzzle game, joins Xbox One Monday. “Peggle 2” looks to continue the exciting and colorful game that began as an unknown online download. What’s even better about this vibrant and endearing puzzle is it only costs $12 to download.