Perry grows in ‘Prism’


By Katie Lavelle

Katy Perry’s new album “Prism” sheds the musician’s teenybopper image.

This album takes a step back from “Teenage Dream” with a more grownup feel. It has a blend of different sides to Perry and its strong variety of songs will surprise fans.

Three tracks lured me to “Prism.” “Roar” is Perry’s female empowerment anthem. It’s an inspirational song with a noticeable pop sound — a song you catch yourself singing along to on the radio without even noticing.

“With its easy poppy beat and repeated refrains of ‘You held me down but I got up,’ and ‘You’re gonna hear me roar,’ the lead single strikes a determined note for the new album,” according to

“Dark Horse” features rapper Juicy J. When I first heard this track, I didn’t even know it was Perry’s song because it’s a song that’s out of her element. “Dark Horse” is a dance floor necessity. “Dark Horse” takes away from Perry’s cliché radio-friendly songs, which gave her the girl-next-door vibe.

She takes a stride back from her previous albums and adds more of a mature impression through her variety of collaborators. This risky and unique style is something fans haven’t seen since “I Kissed a Girl.” It’s a song that comes with a new side to the artist, one I want to see more. Like she says, she’s “coming at you like a dark horse.”

For ’90s house lovers, Perry’s “Walking On Air” is just that. It’s a song that fits the type of music most of her audiences are listening to right now. This interesting song makes me wonder if this is the new direction Perry is going as an artist.

“Unconditionally” had too much of an emotional feel to it, when others tracks on “Prism” were happy, feel-good songs. It’s kind of depressing and the type of song I would press “skip” on every time it came out. Perry had a good theme going with “Prism” that she should have stuck with, but “Unconditionally” is too dramatic for that theme.