Halloween: nailed it

By Kayla Cameron

Fashionistas can combine funk and flair in their Halloween costumes with some innovative nail art.


Apply a base coat to your nail to create a barrier that protects your nail from any chemicals in the polish or staining. Add a solid neon green color to the nail. Apply two to three coats.

With a fine-tip brush or toothpick, draw two curved lines that intercept. Finish up by drawing stitches on the lines. Consider adding white nail polish around the stitches to make them pop and give your nails Frankenstein’s bride look.

Candy Corn

Apply your base coat and follow that with a solid neon orange or pumpkin-colored nail polish. Paint two to three coats.

Segment your nail into three horizontal sections. Paint the bottom section of your nail white, leave your middle section orange and paint the tip of your nail yellow. When finished, you nails will look good enough to eat.

Eye Balls

This nail design takes a bit more patience and a careful hand, but it definitely pays off. Everyone will be dying to get an eye on your nails.

Start with a white base of two to three coats. Take a dotting tool and put a bit of bright blue to the tip. With the tool, create a small circle of blue on the middle of your nail. Do the same with a bit of black and white to make the pupils of the eye.

Finish with small squiggly lines of red to make the eye look bloodshot.


This bloody nail style is easy to create because it doesn’t require you to be careful. It only requires a small makeup sponge and a bit of red and black nail polish. Add the red toward the bottom of you nail. Apply a darker red toward the tip of your nail so it looks like blood is dripping from your fingers.