Pinterest board combines Taylor Swift, dictators

By Aymie Telinski

Taylor Swift and Adolf Hitler spend more time together than either expected — not in reality, of course.

The duo are part of Pinterest board I thoroughly enjoy. Pinterest user Emily Pattinson has taken Hilter, Joseph Stalin and Osama bin Laden quotations and credited them to Swift. The pictures have been pinned to a board called “Not Real Taylor Swift Quotes.” The photos include hashtags like #teenlife and #relatablequotes.

A picture of Swift making a heart with her hand has the surprisingly cute “The only preventative measure on can take is to live irregularly.”

My favorite picture and quote combo is a black and white photo of Swift with the quote, “I have sworn to only live free.”

Reddit users took this trend and made it their own. Instead of Swift pictures with Hitler quotes, they did Hitler pictures with Swift quotes.

As a non-Swift fan, these pictures are funny. I love the creative approach Pattinson took by getting these images of Swift that are cute and adding quotes that sound like she could have said them. The best part is the text is all girly and swirly so it goes the extra mile in looking real.

I really am looking forward to seeing more of Swift and dictators being paired with each other.