County Clerk consolidates voter information into one website


DeKalb County launched its Votera web portal in preparation for the upcoming election.

By Ashley Dwy I Contributor

DeKALB — County Clerk Doug Johnson and his staff launched to consolidate all of the information a voter needs into one user-friendly and mobile-friendly website.

On the site there is information on things such as registering to vote, early voting, where to find polling places and information for disabled voters or military and overseas voters, all for DeKalb residents looking to vote. The top of the site has four different drop down bars with more information about each category.

Students who are registered to vote in their hometowns can use the website as non-DeKalb-resident voters. They can request to vote early, by mail or at the polls.

“In our digital world, people want things available on their smartphones,” Johnson said. “So we needed a website available that [uses] that resource. Hopefully this attracts people who are busy and use their smartphone.”

Johnson also said no other Illinois county has created a website that consolidates all of the information a voter could need. He came up with the idea after brainstorming with his staff, he said.

“We kept wondering why people don’t vote by mail more often or have a difficult time registering,” Johnson said. “Then we realized it was because the information was so scattered. I thought, ‘Why can’t we just put it all in one spot?'”

Anyone who signs up also has the option to turn on push notifications to be notified when early voting is and when the actual election days and times are.