Finals week requires good balance of work, music

By Beth Schumacher

Finals week is approaching. Bring on the stress. I would hit the gym to get those endorphins going but quite honestly, sleep seems more appealing.

One thing that has always relaxed and motivated me in times of stress is music. However, it can’t be just any music. It has to be a very strategically planned out playlist of my choosing.

That’s the best part about making your own finals playlist, because unless you plan on DJ-ing a study party rager, it’s for your ears only. No worries of seeming to “punk rock” or “mainstream” to those almighty music pundits who just can’t manage to get enough of their opinion voiced via social network. It’s all about you.

My playlist is something that’s there to keep from right hooking the arrogance, ignorance and blatant disrespect out of the people I encounter while trying to study. Are there going to be several songs that exceed 4 minutes? Probably not. But I often have the attention span of a 3-year-old, so if a 6-minute song isn’t keeping my attention after 2 minutes, I’m hitting the next button.

This playlist doesn’t have to flow, match or follow any type of guideline. It’s the type of music that puts you in study mode. Happy studying, everyone.