Walk of the Earth presents great covers, original songs

By Beth Schumacher

YouTube cover bands are a dime a dozen in today’s tech-savvy world. I won’t deny that I oftentimes enjoy the cover of a pop/rap song better than the original arrangement; however, it takes something really innovative to keep my attention and have me asking for more.

This was definitely the case when I was introduced to the increasingly popular Canadian indie band Walk Off the Earth. Their cover of Gotye and Kimbra’s Somebody That I Used to Know blew my mind and had me instantly hooked. If you’re not familiar with the video, I recommend checking it out. The five-person band performs the entire song on one guitar.

My search for further works by the band prevailed. I found covers of Maroon 5’s Payphone, LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem and B.o.B.’s Magic. Not once did I finish a track feeling disappointed.

My excitement for their debut EP, R.E.V.O., should come as no surprise, then. The four-song EP was released Oct. 30 and meets their standards for original flair.

Each of the songs has a different sound. I started to hear similarities with The Dream Academy’s Life in a Northern Town and Plain White T’s Rhythm of Love, but the sounds are still unique.

The uncommon instrumental combination from song to song keeps the listening experience interesting. I was impressed when I heard trumpet in Speeches, but I have to say I absolutely fell in love when I heard the harmonica part in Summer Vibe.

It’s nearly impossible to not at least tap your foot while listening to these upbeat tracks. Although their show at the House of Blues has already passed, I highly encourage you to check out Walk Off the Earth’s new and old tracks.