Movember raises money for charity through facial hair

By Beth Schumacher

Guys, I moustache you a question.

Are you participating in No Shave November? If so, you’d appreciate Movember.

Starting in 2003 with 30 noble Australian men, Movember has promoted the growth and beautification of the moustache. In 2011 the movement had over 850,000 registered participants worldwide.

Much like the popular No Shave November, participants, called Mo Bros, start with a clean-shaven face on Nov. 1. As the month goes on, Mo Bros shape the hair above their lip into works of art.

However it may appear, sporting a trendy moustache is not always easy. Ladies, that’s where you come in. Although you can’t participate in Movember firsthand, your support is always needed. Once you’re a supporter you will be known as a Mo Sista.

However dedicated you’d like to get with your moustache growing, there is a far bigger reason to join in on the fun. Registered Mo Bros for this event raise money and awareness for men’s health issues. As if the moustache wasn’t advertisement enough, these men devote themselves to raising funds and talking about important topics in men’s health, like prostate and testicular cancer, that are too often overlooked.

“I feel like it’s something a lot of guys don’t know about,” said Alec Dudgeon, senior electrical engineering major and Movember participant. “I’m trying to do my part by informing others.”

Although we are well into November, I encourage you to visit the official Movember website at to get further information and get involved in the cause.

Editor’s Note: Alec Dudgeon works on the advertising production staff at the Northern Star.