Reviews don’t always tell the whole picture

By Roy Herrera

When a new game comes out, people generally look for reviews to see if it’s any good. If the critics give it a high score, readers will most likely go out to purchase it. If it receives low ratings, people probably won’t purchase it.

The problem with this state of mind is that some mainstream media companies tend to inflate their scores in order to continue to receive free copies of games or hold on to advertisers. What may be a bad product will be perceived as a great product because the score is high, and vice versa.

Resident Evil 6 was greatly anticipated, but as the reviews started to come out, it didn’t look good. Gaming companies were giving it really low scores simply because it wasn’t what they were expecting. This created a controversy because the general public thought it was a great game, but some people from the mainstream media disagreed.

The issue with this is that the person reviewing the game gave his personal opinion about it, and he did not review the game for what it is. Resident Evil 6 is not the only game to receive very low scores. The game Duke Nukem Forever also received low scores because it wasn’t what the reviewers were expecting it to be.

As a reviewer myself, I review a game for what it is. I can’t complain that the game doesn’t play the way I want it to because instead of a review I would be giving an opinion that only reflects my taste. I can talk about what I personally liked and did not like, but it shouldn’t interfere with the final score. I write about the positives and negatives of the game or product and leave it to the reader to see if the product is worth buying. I believe this is how any product should be reviewed, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t happen.

The next time an anticipated game comes out, be careful about what the critics say. Some just offer their opinions, while others actually review the game for what it is. Instead of just looking at how many stars a game gets, people should take the time to read the review because it gives more detail than a number would.