World of Warcraft expansion pack worth the time, money

By Roy Herrera

Last week, Blizzard Entertainment released the fourth expansion pack, Mists of Pandaria, to its beloved World of Warcraft, a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game.

Since the release of the previous expansion, Cataclysm, Blizzard lost about 2 million subscribers. This time, Blizzard tried to regain those subscribers by going back to its roots in terms of gameplay. Mists of Pandaria brings something new to the table but also brings back elements fans of the series wanted. But is it worth it to invest more time and money to this expansion?

Freshman computer science major Dan Orr, who has played World of Warcraft since 2007, said yes.

Northern Star: What are the new features this expansion brings?

Dan Orr: Mists brought a whole load of new features to the table. It brought a brand new talent system, a new race and a new playable class, as well as a new continent in-game filled with Asian architecture.

NS: What makes Mists of Pandaria different than Cataclysm?

DO: It’s still the same game, but there are a few minor tweaks here and there that make the game more enjoyable.

NS: Is the casual gamer going to have fun playing this game with the latest expansion?

DO: Absolutely. Blizzard is really gearing towards making the game more accessible to everyone. It has actually been really dumbed down over the years.

NS: For those who have stopped playing WOW, is this the right time to come back and invest time and money into the series?

DO: Yes. Mists of Pandaria is extremely similar to the original game. Blizzard did this so the veteran players that quit the game would come back. It truly is working, too.

NS: Overall, for those that want a rating on the expansion, what do you give Mists of Pandaria?

DO: As of right now, four out of five stars.