Letter to the editor: Reader upset with mistake

By Letter to the editor

I am writing this email with disappointment that I feel towards the Northern Star because of the lack of expertise and care to detail by the writers and editors.

The misspelling of the champions of one of the biggest student events on campus, in my opinion, needs better recognition and a publishing of the wrong name of the true champions. It is a slap in the face to all Greeks, because of the lack of care being taken in addressing all Greek affairs.

It seems that not enough care is given to details by the Northern Star staff, which directly affects my affection toward the campus paper.

This incident has shaken the credibility of the paper and the validity of the paper’s information and its staff. Please notice that students rely upon you for information, and a respectable organization such as yours is making such mistakes, like being able to understand the simple task of remembering a name of a top fraternity. I believe some actions shall be taken in order to maintain good quality to the paper.


Alpkan Cakici

sophomore finance major