New DeKalb store delivers the goods


The Samond’s family eat ice cream at the new Sunshine Scoop Shoppe & Bakery April 19, 2011. The shop is located in the Junction Shopping Center.

By Junae Bennett

DeKALB | Did you ever want ice cream but didn’t want to leave the house?

The Sunshine Scoop Shoppe & Bakery offers something that no other ice cream place in DeKalb has – delivery and catering.

Owner Carole Fawaz and family decided to open their own business in their hometown.

“Basically we were trying to concentrate on what DeKalb is missing besides ice cream,” Fawaz said.

Over 32 flavors of ice cream, pies, cookies and yogurt are sold and they also plan to add Italian ices to the menu in the upcoming months.

“We have the best ice cream in a 30 mile radius.” Fawaz said, “We work with Hershey’s quality ice cream and flavors.”

Hershey’s has been making ice cream for 110 years. Sunshine Scoop also offers a variety of different cones like pretzel, cookie, M&M and waffle.

The Fawazes use premium and supreme premium ice cream, which is high in butter fat and has a higher fat content of 12 percent.

They have a big selection of dairy free and sugar free so there are ice creams for all diets, Fawaz said.

Sunshine Scoop does what no other ice cream shop in DeKalb does, they deliver and cater.

They also have special promotions for adults and kids.

When a child gets an ‘A’ on their report card, they get a free ice cream. If they have 3 A’s they are eligible to register for the Birthday Club and get a free ice cream cone.

Sunshine Scoop is trying to get more involved with the community and fund raise with many non profit groups. During the summer they plan to work with the DeKalb Public Library’s summer reading program. The children in the Summer Reading Program get ice cream as an award for reading a certain amount of books.

As for the NIU community, students and faculty get a 50 cent discount on our purchase until May 20.

A family value is applied if adults come in with their kids. When the adult buys a regular cone, the kids ages 1 through 6 get a cone for 99 cents.

“We have the highest quality desserts, Hershey’s ice cream and friendly home town service in a pleasant environment,” said Fawaz.

Sunshine Scoop is closed on Mondays, open Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., Thursdays through Sundays from 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. They are closed on Easter Sunday.