DeKalb offers variety of gifts with special flare

By Thomas Owens

Buy, spend, indulge in consumerism, and purchase. It’s that time of year again when, as a community, we flock to those meccas of mass consumerism, the malls.

Seeing that there is no mall in DeKalb, where is one to shop when stranded in a corn field.

Searching the town, there are some Christmas gifts one can buy right here in Dekalb that would knock the socks off even the person who has everything.

From American Liquors, 159 W. Lincoln Hwy., employee Justin Kaisher recommends a 25-year-old bottle of scotch for $90.

Tonya Campbell, vice president of George’s Pet Store, 201 N. Sixth Street, recommends an Albino Burmese Snake for those pet lovers for $159. Make sure whoever you buy this for really wants it.

If you have lots of money you can buy a THX Home Theatre System with Technics and Kenwood components and a Runco TV from Classic Hi-Fi, 1022 W. Lincoln Highway. President Dave Stoker said this system costs between $15,000-$20,000.

Cracker Jax, 118 N. Third St., has a selection of stained glass kaleidoscopes from $30-$70 said manager Jen Lee.

For those on your Christmas list interested in literary pursuits, the Junction Book Room, 822 W. Lincoln Hwy., has a very unique offering. Owner David Systma recommends a copy of Madrid Codices by Leonardo Da Vinci. This very rare book is offered for a low price of $8000.

The Silver Smith, 659 E. Lincoln Hwy., has gifts for any hobbyist. Owner George Smith said, an 1877 Indian Head Penny, $500, would be very unique because there was only a select number minted. Now what’s the chance somebody already has that.

For those record collectors on your list, Kim Jakowski, employee of Record Revolution 817 W. Lincoln Hwy., recommends an Otis Redding Box Set for $50.

For those adventurers, you can purchase a weekend getaway for two, $700-$800, to Boston or New York from Royal Travel and Tours, Inc. 122 N. First. Andrew Berke, an employee, said that a gift certificate is recommended so you don’t give them a trip somewhere they don’t want to go.

Plant lovers will smile on Christmas Day when they receive their European Garden from Glidden Campus Florist, 917 W. Lincoln Hwy. Assistant Manager Jean Larson, said that the garden is a mixture of plants and sticks in a basket priced from $40 on up.

Make this Christmas special by purchasing gifts that are different and unique. Well, then again, you can buy everybody fruitcakes like your aunt Edna did last year.