Kish hospital celebrates one-year anniversary


Kishwaukee Community Hospital celebrated the one year anniversary of its new building with the Taste of Kish, an Auxiliary Cookbook Fundraiser Dinner Tuesday night.

The event was hosted by the Kishwaukee Community Hospital Auxiliary, a group of volunteers who give their time helping around the hospital trying to make patients more comfortable.

“[We] make visits a little more pleasant because it’s not always pleasant visiting the hospital,” said Patricia McKinley, auxiliary member, and NIU parking enforcement officer.

Two years ago, the auxiliary announced that it would begin accepting recipes to be considered in its new cookbook from hospital employees, volunteers and the public, said Judy Findlay, co-chairperson of the cookbook, and an Auxiliary member.

Hospital chefs chose the menu for the fundraiser using recipes from the cookbook and recipe submitters, wearing chef hats and jackets, served their recipes.

Guests were treated to Jonesy Salad, “[a] recipe from my mom, that’s nice to fix for company, whether it’s family or a gathering, and its delicious,” said Chirs Jones R.N., director of clinical resources, at Kishwaukee Hospital.

The new hospital has lots of room, and very nice private rooms, said Pam Kitterman, patient care coordinator at DeKalb County Hospice.

“It almost makes you want to get just a little sick,” McKinley said, as she stood ready to serve her cheesy puffs, a recipe she created over 40 years ago.

Copies of the cookbook are available in the gift shop at Kishwaukee Hospital for $10. All proceeds go directly to the hospital.

The function also included live music from a barber shop quartet, and singer/pianist, Zachary Harris.