DCP/SAFE fights war on drugs

By Jim Harris

The war on drugs has been taken up by many individuals and organizations not only across the country, but also by concerned DeKalb County citizens.

The DeKalb County Partnership for a Substance Free Environment (DCP/SAFE), is a community coalition working toward the goal of preventing and eliminating illegal and harmful use of alcohol and other drugs.

From 8:30 a.m. to 2:3O p.m. on Oct. 27, 1993, DCP/SAFE is holding its fourth annual assembly at the DeKalb County Farm Bureau, 315 N. 6th St. The assembly is aimed at bringing together residents of the county who believe substance abuse awareness, prevention and treatment are worth a community effort.

DCP/SAFE is expecting the involvement of people from different areas of the community. Parents, educators, business people, health care providers, clergy members and representatives of the media are all expected. Students are invited as well.

Dave McMahon, chair of DCP/SAFE’s Public Information/Public Relations action group said the group’s focus isn’t abstinence, but responsibility. He emphasized the words “illegal and harmful use” in the group’s mission statement.

DCP/SAFE will review last year’s accomplishments, plan on areas of concentration for next year and present speakers at the assembly, he said.

McMahon is employed at the Ben Gordon Center, which is a community based behavioral health care center. The center supports education about substance abuse and groups that promote it. According to McMahon, educating the public about drugs and alcohol is important to both DCP/SAFE and the center.

He said prevention is important because it is a lot less costly than treatment or placing people in jail.

The assembly, which includes lunch, costs $15 for the general public, but only $5 for students. McMahon said he hopes people can attend, and that students can learn about DCP/SAFE and possibly get involved in the group.