Latino magazine publisher to offer motivating advice

By Jen Bland

Founder, editor and publisher of Hispanic magazine Alfredo J. Estrada will be on campus tonight offering words of advice and motivation to students.

Estrada will be speaking at 7:30 p.m. in the Regency Room of the Holmes Student Center.

Hispanic is a monthly publication based in Washington that deals with issues relating to the Latino movement. The magazine first hit newsstands in April 1988 and is written in English. Its national readership encompasses 500,000 people.

Hispanic’s parent company, the Hispanic Publishing Corporation, is 100 percent minority owned and operated. It is the largest and fastest growing English-language monthly publication aimed at Latinos in the United States.

Before launching the magazine, Estrada practiced law in New York City and Washington, D.C., specializing in immigration law and legislative matters relating to Latin America. He represented clients for groups such as the Lawyers’ Committee for International Human Rights and the Legal Aid Society.

Estrada graduated cum laude from Harvard and received his law degree from the University of Texas. He has received numerous awards and often speaks to students about his success.

“He’s a motivational speaker who will talk about himself and motivate students to go out and succeed,” said Lupe Navarro, chair of the Latino Cultural Awareness Committee. “I thought it was something the campus needed.”

Navarro said Estrada was suggested to her and the committee decided to invite him. She said she believes Estrada is an important role model for Latino students.

George Gutierrez, director of University Resources for Latinos (URL), said the office subscribes to Hispanic. “It publishes articles related to the Latino movement,” Gutierrez added.

“I’ve personally never experienced a speaker like him and I think it’s important for others to experience it, too,” Navarro said.