Blumen Gardens open for holidays

By Carly Niceley

Harvest months are slowly freezing away, but for Blumen Gardens, 403 Edward St. in Sycamore, business is still going strong despite the ending of the season.

While many outdoor gardening stores begin to lock the doors for the winter, Blumen Gardens is extending hours into the holiday season, staying open every day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. until Dec. 24.

Blumen Gardens markets unusual varieties of plants that stretch over 2,000 square feet in a renovated brick factory. The shop provides more than 1,400 different kinds of plants from ornamental grasses to vines.

The shop is broken off into four sections: the factory and the white shop, which hold extensive amounts of unique garden accessories, the tea room, which holds events and the garden center which holds thousands of plant varieties and plant necessities.

Blumen Gardens started in the home of owners Joel and Joan Barczak 16 years ago, and has expanded throughout the years, adding another addition in the spring of 2005 after the Barczaks expanded another area of their brick factory to rent out for events.

“It’s a unique space that is different and won’t be found anywhere else. We hold anything from bridal showers to baby showers,” said Laura Hulseberg, head of promotions and events.

Blumen Gardens keeps expanding its area – 3,500 square feet of indoor and outdoor retail space.

“The brick warehouse has provided the perfect location for our growing business,” owner Joel Barczak said. Blumen Gardens attracts a diverse crowd of people, from local residents to travelers from across the country.

“We have a faithful group of customers, people from other states who have family here will come and check to see what new things we have out, and we have a mailing list to people in New York and Florida,” said Anna DePauw, plant manager.

Sue Kneubuehl and Darlene Johnson traveled 45 minutes to browse around the garden center and shopping center to tend to their green thumbs.

“They have real unique garden décor and a lot of older things that you could never find at a Wal-Mart,” Johnson said.

Blumen Gardens is featuring something special for the upcoming holiday season that is symbolic for the City of Sycamore.

Hand-picked Sycamore leaves from fallen sycamore trees are pressed in an iridescent copper and preserved for a lifetime.