NIU professor honored with professorship

By Ray McDermott

An NIU professor has been honored with a Coopers & Lybrant professorship.

John Simon, a professor in the department of accountancy, received the professorship which honors professors and helps them gain visibility in their departments.

The professorship also provides a way for professors to be recognized by the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) review as professors on campus.

“It’s very fulfilling. It’s something that you never expect to receive,” Simon said.

“I’m thrilled and satisfied. It makes me feel confident in what I’m doing because external parties look at what I’ve done and give their recognition in the form of this professorship.”

Companies that offer these awards also earn visibility in the accountancy department and professors who receive the awards gain honor, recognition and income.

The professorship was funded by friends and alumni of NIU’s accountancy department and winners receive $15,000 annually for the next five years.

Simon has been an NIU alumni professor of the CPA review for three years and the director of NIU’s CPA review for 10 years.

NIU’s CPA standings are nationally competitive and rated in the top 10 of the country, Simon said.

“It is really special to be recognized with this award as being outstanding in an outstanding department,” Simon said.

The competition for the professorship was close. Simon was notified about receiving it on Oct. 16 and a presentation was held on Oct. 19.

Accounting major Eva Ernest said she was impressed by the award. “It’s really impressive to be associated with a teacher that is recognized for his contributions to our school.”

Freshman Fidel Godines congratulated Simon on the award. “As a student at NIU, I would like to express my gratitude at having instructors who are recognized like this because it adds to the reputation that our school has earned.”