Students might have chance to study in overseas program

By Stacy Goldman

NIU students and faculty members will have the opportunity to broaden their overseas knowledge when two speakers visit NIU.

Inez Stegan from Salzburg College, Austria, and Amos Booth, president of the Institute for American Universities, will speak to NIU President John La Tourette, faculty members and students about their overseas programs.

Stegan will visit NIU on Oct. 12, and Booth plans to speak on Oct. 13.

Foreign Study Programs Coordinator Inez De Romna said the program is one of the first of its kind. More faculty members and students will be involved with the program this year, she said.

“One of the main purposes for them (Stegan and Booth) coming and talking to us is to recruit students for the overseas study programs,” De Romna said. “This program is a wonderful opportunity for students.”

Stegan plans to speak about the overseas programs offered through his college. In order to enter the program, students must take a course in German. Classes are taught in English by Austrian faculty, De Romna said.

Booth will talk about a French exchange program and attempt to recruit students. The program is located in four different areas in the south of France.

“Students can experience a total different environment while working toward a degree,” De Romna said. “This overseas program gives students a sense of independence.”

De Romna said there are specific programs geared towards certain subjects. This program is designed for students with some knowledge of the French language, De Romna said.

“The minimum credit hours a student needs to take is 15, all of which are transferable to NIU,” she said.

De Romna said the cost of each program ranges from $5,500 to $6,000 each semester. This cost includes room and board and some local excursions. Students are housed with local families near the school they attend.

Financial aid and NIU’s insurance program also can be used to help fund the program for students who qualify.

De Romna said both speakers will be available to talk to interested students about the programs. Students can call the Foreign Studies Office for more information.