Lifestyle’s weekly Spotify playlist #2


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By Lifestyle staff

Weekly Spotify Playlist: 


Jacob’s picks 

  2. Knoll – “Inherent of Life”
  3. Angelo Badalamenti – “Twin Peaks Theme – Instrumental” 
  4. Swampbeast – “1000 Years of Pestilence” 
  5. Kero Kero Bonito – “Dear Future Self” 
  6. The Weeknd – “Snowchild” 

“LAMENT CONFIGURATION” by NECRONOMIDOL is one of the most fun songs to come out in     2021. Initially released in 2019, NECRONOMIDOL updates the track for their new album, and the vocals and production sound much better. The track is a delightful blend of Japanese pop and dark wave aesthetics. 

Knoll’s “Inherent of Life” is a chaotic chasm of grindcore with dashes of death metal in the vocals. It’s a full on assault on the listener’s ears in the best way possible. 

“Twin Peaks” has been on my mind a ton lately, and that usually means listening to the soundtrack. Angelo Badalamenti’s work on “Twin Peaks” is some of the best work as a composer I’ve ever heard, and everything great about the show and the music can be found in the central theme. It’s moody, reflective, emotional and incredibly beautiful. 

Swampbeast is putting out some wildly underrated death metal right now within the scene. “1000 Years of Pestilence” off their new full-length album “Seven Evils Spawned of Seven Heads” lives up to the band’s name. The song is a nasty blend of death metal with some blackened elements as well. The vocals from Griffin Werk truly sound like they come from a beast stalking a hellish swamp. 

Kero Kero Bonito has risen to be one of the most likable bands working right now. “Dear Future Self” is one of their best works. The track sees the band at its most mature, reflecting on how life is full of ups and downs, but still laced with fun elements the band is known for. 

“Snowchild” by The Weeknd is without a doubt a depressing track. “Snowchild” perfectly captures what feeling alone in a major city is like, but it’s also a track that feels like a nice warm hug. The connection from artist to listener is strong on this track. 


Brandon’s Picks

  1. Gus Dapperton – “Post Humorous”
  2. DIIV – “Like Before You Were Born”
  3. Pop Smoke – “AP” (Music from the film Boogie)
  4. Slaughter Beach, Dog – “ Are You There”
  5. Porches – “I Miss That” 

“Post Humorous” is the signature track of the album “Orca” by New York singer and songwriter, Gus Dapperton. The song’s somber lyrical content is juxtaposed perfectly by the bright guitar tones, all of which is blended together by the dreamy indie production to make for a wonderful listen no matter the mood. 

 “Like Before You Were Born” by American shoegaze band DIIV is a reverb soaked track that bleeds melancholy with winding effect heavy guitar that makes me just want to sit back, close my eyes and reflect. 

“AP” is the latest posthumous release from the late Brooklyn rapper Pop Smoke. “AP” is from the soundtrack of upcoming film “Boogie,” which follows a basketball phenomenon and their dream of reaching the NBA. The track is everything we’ve come to know from Pop with the Brooklyn drill beat and signature gritty vocals. 

“Are You There” is the first track off of Slaughter Beach, Dog’s “At the Moonbase”. A modern folk rock track  packed with synth and slide guitar, “Are You There” is the perfect track for a sunny day.

“I Miss That” by synth-pop band Porches is an analog and spatial track that is incredibly refreshing with simple yet cathty drums that will have your head bopping. 

BLACKSTARKIDS are a three-piece hip-hop group that incorporates elements of indie-pop to create nostalgic, genre-blurring hits like “LOVE, STARGIRL.” This song will be stuck in your head all day and have the listener feeling untouchable. 


Parker’s Picks:

  1. Simon and Garfunkel – “The Boxer”
  2. Bruce Springsteen – “The Promised Land”
  3. Samantha Fish – “Try Not To Fall In Love With You”
  4. George Harrison – “You”
  5. John Williams – “Cavatina”
  6. Himesh Patel – “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” 

From one of the greatest musical duos that ever was – “The Boxer” is a relaxed tune that is full of the poetic lyrics that can be expected from Paul Simon. Together, Paul Simon and Art Gunfunkel’s serene voices will transport you to a realm akin to total consciousness.

“The Promised Land” is one of many Bruce Springsteen songs about working hard to live a better life, and this track is one of the best by The Boss. The opening harmonica grabs you and the rest of the song is a great mix of guitars, keys and the legendary Clarence Clemmons on sax.

Samantha Fish is an insanely talented blues guitarist, and her 2019 album “Kill or Be Kind” is a great album to check out. The track “Try Not To Fall In Love With You” delivers funky flavors with the bass and drums leading while Fish delivers a relaxing melody with her cool vocals and skills on the guitar.

Out of all four Beatles, George Harrison is my favorite due to his brilliant instrumental work, and how the songs he made with The Fab Four pushed the envelope for the group. In his solo career, his song “You” has very simple lyrics and is more of an excuse for pleasing music. But when the music is so good, this is a track more than worthy of the quiet Beatle.

“Cavatina” is an instrumental guitar song that cinephiles will recognize as the main theme for the film “The Deer Hunter.” Beautifully haunting, this song may not have lyrics, but it doesn’t need them either.

While the original version of “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” is a classic dose of happiness from The Beatles, Himesh Patel’s version, recorded for the film “Yesterday,” is also worth checking out, as is the film and its soundtrack. With great guitar work and a lot of kids singing along to Patel, this is a song to make you feel like you can do anything.