Lifestyle’s weekly Spotify playlist #7


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By Lifestyle staff

Weekly Spotify playlist: 


Jacob’s picks

  1. Benny The Butcher & Harry Fraud – “No Instructions” 
  2. Mortician – “House By the Cemetery / Outro” 
  3. serpentwithfeet – “Same Size Shoe”
  4. Fulci – “Eye Full of Maggots”
  5. Pi’erre Bourne – “4U”
  6. Mork – “Arv” 

Rapper Benny The Butcher and producer Harry Fraud blend the throwback and cutthroat rap style of the 1980s and 90s with sleek production on “No Instructions.” Benny The Butcher’s flow is without flaw and Fraud’s production pays homage to older rap production with a modern update. It is one of the best tracks off the album “The Plugs I Met 2.” 

Mortician’s use of horror film samples is well documented within brutal death metal and “House By the Cemetery / Outro” is one of their best early examples. The audio sample from “The House by the Cemetery” is creepy as hell and Mortician’s thick and pummeling riffs are beastial. 

“Same Size Shoe” is a poppy R&B track that will have listeners enjoying life and thinking of a special person in their life in no time. This isn’t game-changing R&B by any means, but the track is insanely catchy and uplifting. 

Death metal band Fulci improved mightily on their second album “Tropical Sun.” Off of that same album, “Eye Full of Maggots” is a disgusting death metal feast with a decent amount of groove to the track. The last minute of “Eye Full of Maggots” will have death metal fanatics coming for sloppy seconds. 

Pi’erre Bourne’s long awaited “4U” does not disappoint. A lo-fi mix with hard-hitting bass is a treasured staple within Bourne’s discography at this point, and “4U” is just another solid addition to that collection. 

Black metal band Mork is effortlessly carrying the Norwegian black metal flame into 2021. “Arv” has some seriously headbanging black metal riffs that are grim and kickass. The production and mix are remarkable and the addition of clean vocals placed sparingly throughout add a nice extra layer. 

Brandon’s picks

  1. Ride- “Vapour Trail”
  2. PUP – “Nothing Changes”
  3. Mascara- “Concrete / Surface” 
  4. Archers of Loaf – “Web in Front”
  5. Pouya – “Leave Me Alone”
  6. dad sports- “nrvs again”

Late 80s U.K. shoegaze band Ride are a staple of the genre. Their classic track “Vapour Trail” is always a great listen. Right from the iconic opening guitar progression, the song captivates the listener. The poetic lyricism and swirling guitars bend and build perfectly into its cacophonous ending. 

“Nothing Changes” comes off of the latest collection of singles from Canadian punk band, PUP. The track is trademark PUP, recreating the anthemic sound the band cultivated on their highly acclaimed E.P. “Morbid Stuff.” With gritty and driving instruments combined with lead singer Stefan Babcock’s emotional and wailing vocals, the track delivers in spades.

Mascara is a heavy shoegaze band from France that has been quietly building and growing. They recently released their E.P. “Cameo Blue Estate” through Fever LTD, a label run by popular genre figure Kamtin Mohager. The opening track “Concrete / Surface” is a beautiful and winding track that packs a punch. 

90s alternative indie band Archers of Loaf released “Web in Front” in Feb. of 1993, off their album “Icky Mettle.” The track has that quintessential nineties-era sound with fuzz loaded guitar and simple yet snapping drums. The ending vocal layering and guitar solo are perfect for dancing and singing to like nobody is watching. 

The latest release from Miami rapper, Pouya, “Leave Me Alone” is a single that builds upon the new introspective sound the rapper is growing into. The more emotional track is a morbid reflection on the tragedies in the young rapper’s life as well as in the rap community with losses in Lil Peep, XXXtentacion and Juice WRLD. 

Three-piece Ontario bedroom pop band dadsports recently released their latest single “nrvs again.” The track is vibrant and bouncy and will have the listener swinging and swaying. 

Jamie’s picks

  1. Lil Tjay – “Run it up” (feat. Offset and Moneybagg yo)
  2. Run River North – “Hands up”
  3. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – “40 Day Dream”
  4. Polo G – “Rapstar”

Lil Tjay released his album “Destined 2 win” April 2, and “Run it up” is track number 14. It is one out of four fantastic songs with a feature from the album. Lil Tjay picked unmatched artists for this album, who all compliment his style in a way that only elevated his flow and made him more versatile. While there are some moody songs on the album, which is really appreciated, this song is one from the album you can play around other people without putting them in their feelings. 

“Hands up” is the perfect addition to any indie playlist, and while the song, once played, will be a nostalgic replay every time after, this song is best suited for warmer months. It’s the song you put on when the windows are down, your hands are up and your heart is wide. Run River North is an exceptional indie band that deserves more recognition than they’re given.

“40 Day Dream” is by the same people who made “Home,” a song people have adored since 2013, but has recently become more popular amongst younger generations. If you like that song, then this, too, will release some serotonin and should preferably be played during a sunset as you drive down the highway. 

“Rapstar” has been a song fans have waited to be released since Polo G first dropped an unedited snippet on social media, when it was only available on Soundcloud and was a short one minute and 30 second song. At last, Polo G added to it, recorded it in a studio and dropped it on streaming platforms. It’s raw, real and honest. It’s everything fans wanted and more, and finally the wait is over.