Lifestyle’s weekly Spotify playlist #14


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By Lifestyle staff

Weekly Spotify playlist: 


Jacob’s picks

  1. Pi’erre Bourne – “Retroville”
  2. Witch Vomit – “Funeral Purgation”
  3. Tyler, The Creator – “I THINK”
  4. Këkht Aräkh – “Swordsman” 

Pi’erre Bourne’s signature style of producing his own songs is at its highest level on “Retroville.” Bourne is so in tune with his own beat which is subtly spacey and electric. Bourne tries his hand at several flows throughout the song and all of them work seemingly in tangent. 

Witch Vomit’s new song “Funeral Purgation” is purely blistering. Compared to its last project, the vocals are mixed lower into the rest of the production. This gives the song a much more menacing aesthetic alongside eerie, wailing guitar riffs. This death metal track runs evil and foul to the core. 

With a new Tyler, The Creator project freshly released, it was a good time to revisit Tyler’s biggest artistic achievement to date, “IGOR.” An album that delves deep into love, relationships and breakups, “I THINK” is equally groovy as it is lyrically potent. The song is so easy to move and sing along to and Tyler’s soothing production is full of craftsmanship. 

Këkht Aräkh’s “Swordsman” is one of the most beautifully emotional tracks of 2021. The piano track is like a warm hug telling the listener everything is going to be alright. The lyrics are full of melancholy, detailing a lonely and painful path a swordsman has had to endure. 

Jamie’s picks 

  1. Tyler, The Creator – “LUMBERJACK”
  2. AkKasper, Juice WRLD – “On My Mind”
  3. RAMZIE – “Back My Way”
  4. Lil Baby, Lil Durk – “Voice of the Heroes” 

Tyler is back. He hasn’t released anything since 2019 and he dropped just in time for summer with this perfect road trip, sunset or hangout song. One element Tyler always delivers in his music is a beat completely unique to himself and his style and he maintained that flow with this new single.

AkKasper is a small artist with not too many streams, but this song with Juice WRLD may just be his breakthrough. It has emotional instrumentals and sad lyrics, in natural Juice Wrld style, but AkKasper adds an element to the song that complements Juice WRLD, which could open many doors. 

RAMZIE is another developing artist, but “Back My Way” showed his capabilities and potential to collaborate with other artists who have a similar sound, like Tom the Mailman. By showing that range, he could be an artist to look out for in the future.

Lil Baby is from Atlanta, Georgia, and Lil Durk is from Chicago, Illinois. As influential rappers, they’ve been communicating important messages about poverty, being Black in cities of America and gang life. Their voices alone move mountains, but they came together to make an entire album called “The Voice of the Heroes,” and the single “Voice of the Heroes” definitely takes part of the spotlight with its message. 

Madelaine’s picks

  1. Vampire Weekend – “Harmony Hall”
  2. Good Morning – “Warned You”
  3. Young the Giant – “Superposition”
  4. The Japanese House – “Saw You In A Dream”

Formed in 2006 at Columbia University in New York City, alternative indie band Vampire Weekend is truly versatile. Every album has a different sound and theme. “Harmony Hall,” which comes off the band’s latest album, “Father of the Bride,” is arguably one of its best songs overall. The guitar intro sounds like a perfect spring day, which continues throughout the song before building at the chorus. 

Melbourne alternative pop duo Good Morning deliver heavy, grungelike guitar and subdued vocals on their song “Warned You.” This combination creates a relaxed vibe. Even though the lyrics are a bit repetitive, it adds to the slow-moving feel and truly gives the listener something different. 

“Superposition” is the first track on indie rock band Young the Giant’s fourth studio album. This song, named after a principle in physics, starts a story that is continued on throughout the songs in its album “Mirror Master.” The best way to experience this song is to listen to the whole album in order.

The Japanese House is an English indie pop artist whose dreamy sound and lyrics are present in “Saw You In A Dream.” This song is filled with sorrowful and nostalgic lyrics, but still manages to keep somewhat of an upbeat tempo and subtle electronic elements throughout its entirety. 

Brandon’s picks

  1. Heavenward – “Cartwheels”
  2. Ramirez – “Finer Things”
  3. Choir Boy – “Rowdy Friends” 
  4. Long Beard – “Sweetheart”

Heavenward is the solo project from The Chain Gang of 1975’s frontman, Kamtin Mohager. Heabenward’s latest release is the hazy track “Cartwheels,” a winding and driving song that, while obviously ‘90s inspired, is in the same vein of his previous band’s, Teenage Wrist’s, sound. 

Grey 59 rapper Ramirez dropped heat with his latest release, “Finer Things.” The San Francisco rapper comes through with a triumphant song about how he’s coming out on top from his previous life of being poorer to where he is now. The song features a classic, laid back but hard-hitting West Coast style beat with the rapper’s smooth and melodic bars. 

Performed by synth-pop band Choir Boy, “Rowdy Friends” is a transformative take on the country classic “All my Rowdy Friends (Have Settled Down)” by Hank Williams Jr. The song is an ode to getting older and the changes that come with it. According to the band’s Bandcamp, frontman Adam Klopp attributes the cover to his partner showing him the original while they were “driving around looking for trouble.”

New Jersey singer and songwriter Long Beard pin-points the emotional toll of losing a significant other in her track “Sweetheart.” The somber track ebbs and flows through shimmering chorus guitar and slow, simple drumming as it carries on lead singer Leslie Bear’s airy vocals.