Lifestyle’s weekly Spotify playlist #18


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By Lifestyle staff

Weekly Spotify playlist: 

Jacob’s picks 

  1. Kanye West – “Freestyle 4”
  2. Pusha T – “Numbers On The Boards” 
  3. Jóhann Jóhannsson – “Children of the New Dawn”
  4. Travis Scott, Quavo – “Oh My Dis Side” 

“Freestyle 4” is peak “Yeezus” era Kanye West. The song is founded on a frightening throwback horror film instrumental and is further laced with minimalistic and futuristic electronics. West sounds villainous with his programmed auto-tune rapping about sexual fantasies at a Vogue party. “Freestyle 4” is a short and noteworthy standout from “The Life of Pablo.” 

Rapper Pusha T continues to be one of the most raw acts within the rap genre today. 2013’s “Numbers On The Boards” is one of the perfect embodiments of Pusha’s career, an unhinged rap beat with cutthroat rap lyrics detailing what it’s like being a top-dog drug dealer and rapper.  

Composer Jóhann Jóhannsson simply made magic when it came to composing music. Off of 2018’s experimental horror film “Mandy,” “Children of a New Dawn” fits the atmosphere of a dark and nihilistic horror film to a T. With very few guitar notes, Jóhannsson creates a piece of music that cuts right to the listener’s soul. 

Modern day rap classic “Rodeo” saw rapper Travis Scott arguably at his creative peak. Track two, “Oh My Dis Side,” is broken into two parts, first being a hard-hitting rap track and second being a reflective experience on how far Scott has come to this point. Scott puts on a rap clinic alongside rapper Quavo reminiscing about late nights, first kisses and making it out of the hood. 

Brandon’s picks

  1. Runnner – “Monochrome”
  2. beabadoobee – “Cologne”
  3. Baby Keem, Kendrick Lamar – “Family Ties” 
  4. Brooks & Dunn – “Neon Moon”

“Monochrome” is a somber acoustic track from Noah Weinman, the multi-instrumentalist who makes up the band Runnner. The track comes off of the recently released album “Always Repeating” and is an honest portrayal of someone consumed by the lingering memory of someone else. Weinman’s lyrics and vocals are the focal points of this track as they relay an air of relatability which is backed by warm, bright acoustic guitar. 

Filipino-British singer and songwriter Beabadoobee rose to fame when her track “Coffee” was remixed on the low-fi rap track “Death Bed,” which went viral on social media last year. Since then, she has recently released an EP titled “Our Extended Play,” which is a dreamy alternative indie album that is home to the track “Cologne.” “Cologne” is an infectious track full of overdriven guitar and breathy vocal melodies. 

The wait is finally over. Kendrick Lamar has returned to rap— well, kind of; Lamar returns as a feature on prominent rapper Baby Keem’s track “Family Ties.” As noted, this is Lamar’s first verse since the Compton rapper scored the 2018 Marvel hit “Black Panther.” The wait was well worth it, though, as not only Lamar but Keem shine on this track. Baby Keem brings out what might just be his best verse with his signature aggressive inflection to open the track, but then switches flows perfectly as the beat changes in the latter half. This is where Lamar finishes the track with an astounding amount of wordplay as he switches between several voices.

Oftentimes when talking about music, people will say they listen to every genre except country. And while I may not be the biggest country music fan, I implore you to check out country legends Brooks & Dunn if you want to expand your musical palate. The Nashville duo was recently inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, and with good reason, as they have written hit after hit. “Neon Moon” is one of said hits as it climbed to number one on Billboard’s country charts in 1992, the year it was released. The track is a slow and heartbreaking listen that puts the listener in the shoes of someone who is trying to drown their sorrows with alcohol. 

Madelaine’s picks:

  1. Fleece – “So Long”
  2. Joe Kaplow – “Little Sleep”
  3. Vundabar – “Aphasia”
  4. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – “House Fire”

Fleece is an upbeat psychedelic indie rock band that formed in Montreal. “So Long” comes off of the quartet’s third album, “Stunning & Atrocious,” released this past summer. The song starts off with a bright, catchy guitar riff that is carried throughout the song in many artistic ways and features lead singer Matthew Roger’s unique voice and harmonies.

“Little Sleep,” sung by folk singer-songwriter Joe Kaplow, has a similar sound to songs by popular alternative indie singer-songwriter Mac DeMarco. This song is a little melancholy. It has a consistent heavy instrumental sound that compliments Kaplow’s voice and makes this an easy and enjoyable listen, especially for listeners who also enjoy DeMarco’s music.

Vundabar is a rock band that formed in Massachusetts in 2012. “Aphasia” is the band’s latest single, and it is undoubtedly one of their best works. The song goes between a rhythmic drum pattern and lighter vocals to heavier guitar and more strained vocals. As the song progresses, it builds until the very end and makes the listener want to hear it again.

Indie pop band Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin formed in Missouri, and “House Fire” comes off of their first album “Broom.” This song consists of light vocals and is very mellow until the guitar kicks in later on. Lead singer Philip Dickey’s breathy but strong voice pairs well with the lyrics’ ABAB rhyme scheme.