Fraternities have high hopes for men’s rush

By Michelle Esposito

Despite decreased enrollment at NIU this fall, fraternity representatives have high hopes for men’s rush.

According to Phi Sigma Kappa President Mark Matthews, this year’s fraternity rush runs from Aug. 25 through Aug. 27, with an optional rush day on Aug. 28.

“A lot of freshmen might miss it (rush) because it’s only three days,” Matthews said.

Dawn Sturma, activity adviser for Greek Affairs, said enrollment for NIU freshmen has decreased by 600 to 800 students.

Therefore, she said, fraternities might see a slight decrease in the number of fall rush participants.

Derek Gilroy, InterFraternity Council (IFC) president said he still holds high hopes for men’s rush this year.

With about 2,000 freshmen and transfer students at NIU, Gilroy said he hopes at least 500 students participate.

Sturma’s graduate assistant Chris Gorman said the amount of advertising and word of mouth also will affect rush this semester.

“The better the greek system is presented the better the turn out,” Matthews said.

Chris Evoy, a Lambda Chi Alpha member, said he believes rush is about meeting fraternity members and picking up information on the different types of houses.

Each participant must be stamped from at least one house in each of the IFC’s five regions, he said.

To help participants meet this standard, Sturma said fraternity bids will not be given out until Friday.

After receiving bids, the students are called pledges. Pledging periods vary from house to house. Phi Sigma Kappa abandoned pledging last year in favor of a more relaxed system.

“This enables guys to be able to visit all the houses,” Sturma said.

There are 16 fraternities at NIU, including Triangle, which is primarily a science-oriented organization.

A formal fraternity rush will be held in January for those who missed the fall rush, Sturma said.