Presidential election sparks activity at NIU

By Philip Dalton

The heat of this year’s presidential election is sparking activity on NIU’s campus this fall.

NIU’s College Republicans and Young Democrats kicked off their fall election year activities at Friday Fest in the MLK Commons.

Both groups distributed literature and answered questions pertaining to their party candidates in upcoming elections.

Kevin Hir, president of the College Republicans, said he would like to get people involved in order to help erase labels of apathy he believes are attached to younger Americans.

Young Democrats’ President Bradley Strauss said he has “lots of enthusiasm about the election,” and he would like to register every student on NIU’s campus to vote.

Student Regent John Butler said the Student Association hopes to begin a campaign of registering student voters for local, state and national elections.

“Paralleling that will be efforts at exposing students to issues of the 1992 campaign with the help of the Young Democrats, College Republicans and other organizations interested in helping,” he said.

“We hope to have forums and if possible, visiting speakers,” he added.

Hir said the Republicans are enthusiastic about debating the Democrats. Strauss also expressed an interest in a public forum.

Butler encouraged any other group interested in participating to contact the SA office at 753-0482.

The Young Democrats will be holding an open meeting Wednesday at 9 p.m. Anyone interested in attending should call Strauss at 758-2712.

The College Republicans also will be holding an organizational meeting Wednesday at 9 p.m. in DuSable Hall 220. Both meetings are open to all students.