Lifestyle’s weekly Spotify playlist #24


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By Lifestyle staff

Weekly Spotify playlist: 

Jacob’s picks

  1. Greet Death – “Strange Days”
  2. Full of Hell – “Eroding Shell”
  3. Code Orange – “Forever” 

Shoegaze band Greet Death is everything the genre should be. “Strange Days” feels deeply personal with sensitive melodies. This is balanced perfectly with the  heavier and sludgy sections of instrumentation and tone. “Strange Days” will have listeners reminiscing within moments of pressing play. 

Experimental grindcore band Full of Hell released their new album “Garden of Burning Apparitions” Oct. 1. “Eroding Shell” served as a single for the album, and for good reason. “Eroding Shell” contains eviscerating layers of production and head-banging vocals. “Eroding Shell” creates a short yet horrific soundscape that will go down as one of the album’s best tracks. 

During this point in hardcore punk outfit Code Orange’s discography, the band got more experimental. “Forever” still uses a ton of hardcore beatdowns, but the production is much cleaner. The rhythm of the track is undeniably infectious, and punches are plentiful.  

Kyron’s picks

  1. No J. Cole, Joyner Lucas – “Your Heart”
  2. J. Cole – “Heaven’s EP”
  3. BIA, G Herbo – “BESITO”

“Your Heart” is a love letter that acts as more of an apology by Cole and Lucas. Toxic tendencies are discussed and a story drawn out of a past relationship. Although it glosses over the downfalls of toxic masculinity in relationships, it is also a reflection of self-growth from the male perspective.

Cole paints a picture of his perspective of the industry and how society has shaped people’s mindset. The wordplay of this song is clever and flows more like poetry.

BIA has a catchy team up with G Herbo with an upbeat song that goes back and forth between the Spanish and English languages. The lyrics by G Herbo are impressive, and his flow combined with the bass definitely makes this a hit song.

Madelaine’s picks

  1. Peach Pit – “Up Granville”
  2. Soccer Mommy – “Henry”
  3. Tim Atlas – “Unwind”

Canadian indie-rock band Peach Pit released their latest single, “Up Granville,” on Oct. 1. The song is the first single released from the band’s highly anticipated third album. Singer Neil Smith’s voice and harmonies are soothing and unique.

Rock artist Soccer Mommy is a singer-songwriter who has a talent for writing lyrics that sound like poetry. “Henry” is no exception and is from Soccer Mommy’s 2016 album “For Young Hearts.” The song is the first track on the album, which is the first album that Soccer Mommy, real name Sophia Regina Allison, released. “Henry” features Allison’s dreamy, light and smooth voice accompanied by a steady drumbeat and catchy guitar melody.

Tim Atlas is an alternative indie-pop artist that was on season 9 of the singing competition show “The Voice.” Tim Atlas’ song “Unwind” from his 2018 album “All Talk!” has almost 14 million plays on Spotify. The song is incredibly catchy, funky and has a groovy bass and guitar line.

Quade’s Picks

  1. Eminem, Rihanna – “Love The Way You Lie”
  2. Whitney Houston – “Saving All My Love for You”
  3. Michael Jackson – “Beat It”

Eminem and Rihanna are good on their own, but together, they make a godly combo. “Love The Way You Lie” has the strength of Rihanna’s standout vocals plus Eminem’s direct, powerful lyrics.

A bit of a throwback, “Saving All My Love for You” is just another good example of the incredible vocal range that Whitney Houston has. Whether you were an ‘80s kid or not, this slow jam will be guaranteed to have you swaying along to the beat.

“Beat It” by Michael Jackson is probably one of his most iconic songs, along with a killer music video to boot; I mean, who hasn’t heard of this song? The age makes no difference as the beat will keep people dancing for generations to come.