Lifestyle’s Halloween film picks


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By Lifestyle staff

Halloween is the perfect time of the year to watch horror films. Much like the weekly Spotify playlist, these are Lifestyle’s picks for horror films this Halloween.  

Jacob’s pick: “StageFright: Aquarius”

“StageFright: Aquarius” follows a group of struggling stage actors rehearsing for an upcoming play. One of the cast members turns up dead, and as the cast flees in a panic, it turns out they are trapped in the theater with the killer. 

Some may think the premise of the film is hokey, but director Michele Soavi injects this film with so much creativity. Soavi blends the best qualities of Giallo flicks, gore films and slashers into one concise, suspenseful horror film that undoubtedly deserves more love. 

Madelaine’s pick: “Hocus Pocus”

This early ‘90s Disney classic is well-known for good reason. “Hocus Pocus” follows a teenager named Max, played by actor Omri Katz, who moves to Salem, Massachusetts, and accidentally awakens three wicked witches on Halloween.

Even though “Hocus Pocus” isn’t scary and is considered to be a kid’s movie, it truly is entertaining and comedic, making it a comfort film perfect to re-watch around Halloween, especially while carving pumpkins.

Ariel’s pick: “Monster House”

This kid-friendly horror fantasy film had all the early 2000s babies scared when it first aired on television. The twisted plot depicts three kids named DJ, Chowder and Jenny who believe DJ’s bitter old neighbor’s house is alive. 

They realize that no other person will believe them until it’s too late, and the three must find a way to put an end to this living nightmare. The animations are creative, and the level of scariness is appropriate for young children. 

Kyron’s pick: “The Lost Boys”

This ‘80s horror comedy examines the thrills and lifestyle that come with being a creature of the night. The retro outfits, mullets and music add to the nostalgia of this film. It follows two brothers as they move to a fictional town that is a murder capital, and they encounter a gang of vampires who party, murder and enjoy immortality.

Quade’s pick: “Fright Night”

Following the paranormal escapades of a group of high school friends trying to avoid their vampire neighbor, this ‘80s horror movie is a classic for reasons you probably wouldn’t expect. Compared to the slasher films that were prominent back then, “Fright Night” is not particularly scary or jumpscare filled, but it does offer suspenseful drama, especially since the movie has such a loveable cast of characters. The special effects are a little outdated, but the idea of a few friends versus the world is always great to see in film and “Fright Night” does that spectacularly.