Lifestyle’s weekly Spotify playlist #29


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By Lifestyle staff

Weekly Spotify playlist: 

Jacob’s picks 

  1. A$AP Rocky, Joe Fox, Future, M.I.A. – “Fine Whine”
  2. Kacey Musgraves – “cherry blossom”
  3. Don Toliver – “Swangin’ On Westheimer” 

Rapper A$AP Rocky’s “Fine Whine” is a murky and psychedelic stream of consciousness track. Artist Joe Fox provides a tender vocal performance, and contributions from rappers Future and M.I.A.  leave “Fine Whine” with no dull moments. 

While “star-crossed” may have not lived up to the greatness of Kacey Musgraves’ last album “Golden Hour,” tracks like “cherry blossom” prove Musgraves still has great material in the tank. “cherry blossom” is as great as she has ever been. A solid mixture of country and pop with a variety of production aid Musgraves’ heavenly voice with grace. Musgraves continues to prove that when country mixes multiple genres is when country is at its best. 

Rapper Don Toliver’s “Swangin’ On Westheimer” doesn’t seem too special until the chorus kicks in. Then, the track becomes one of the rapper’s best tracks to date. From what seems like an instrumental straight out of Drake’s discography, it’s the feeling of reminiscence in the chorus’ production that ascends “Swangin’ On Westheimer” to great heights. 

Quade’s picks 

  1. Soulja Boy – “Soulja Boy Tellem” 
  2. Remy Zero – “Save Me”
  3. Billy Joel – “Piano Man”

Soulja Boy tops this list as it gives a catchy song to dance to.  At any given party you can hear this song booming through the speakers and giving way to screaming crowds. 

Set as the opening song to the show “Smallville,” “Save Me” sounds a bit avant garde at first with its opening and the lyrics make it seem like nothing special. But then, the chorus hits, providing a rush of emotions all at once.

“Piano Man” is probably the most well known of Billy Joel’s songs but that doesn’t detract from its merit. A harmonica seems like a weird musical choice, but actually adds to the somber tone of the song by giving it another layer of longing. 

Daija’s picks

  1. Sam Fender – “Seventeen Going Under”
  2. The Staves – “Home Alone, Too”
  3. Dan D’Lion – “BETTERMAN” 

A song that is blowing up on TikTok, “Seventeen Going Under” is helping many across the platform discuss their assaults and how they overcame them. With a sound similar to Bruce Springsteen, Fender accompanies that with lyrics that describe the pain of being 17 and standing up to your abusers.

“Home Alone, Too” isn’t your typical Christmas song. It mentions the snowy weather and the movie “Home Alone” but focuses more on the fact that the holiday season can be a lonely time for people. 

“BETTERMAN” is a mix of smooth vocals and a synthesizer, giving the instrumental an electronic, R&B feel. The lyrics describe a man coming to terms with a breakup and recognizing his flaws but refusing to change himself.

Ariel’s picks

  1. Summer Walker, Ari Lennox – “Unloyal”
  2. Crisaunt – “Pastel Pink”
  3. Steve Lacy – “Infrunami”

From her new album debut “Still Over It,” “Unloyal” has a beautiful piano playing throughout the song. Every lyric makes you feel like you’ve been at a crossroads in a relationship that’s not reciprocating your energy. The self awareness in not tolerating a significant lover’s troubles is made classy by its jazzy use of saxophone, guitar and piano.

“Pastel Pink” deserves more credit than it already has, because Crisaunt has talent in indie pop. It sounds like bedroom pop that one can listen to while chilling, but it’s different. 

“Infrunami” comes from an album of R&B and soul tracks, and the vocals of this piece are hamonic and romantic. Lacy has a creative way of diversifying music in the R&B and soul genres. “Infrunami” has a slow upbeat that sets a melodramatic tone in the best way. 

Kyron’s picks

  1. Wisdom – “Big Steppa”
  2. Kid Cudi – “Another Day”
  3. UB40 – “(I Can’t Help) Falling In Love You”

“Big Steppa” focuses on the luxuries associated with wealth that many rap fans hear a lot, however, the lyrical flow after the chorus is what draws me to this song.

Kid Cudi brings a feeling of relaxation whilst also having an optimistic message with “Another Day.” The lyrics celebrate youth and the fun parts of young adulthood.

This cover of Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love” is beautiful. The band puts a reggae flare to the song in its instrumentals.

Madelaine’s picks

  1. Slow Pulp – “At Home”
  2. The Rare Occasions – “Notion”
  3. Miguel, Tame Impala – “waves – Tame Impala Remix” 

Chicago indie rock band Slow Pulp’s 2018 single “At Home” has everything and more that one would expect from a quality indie track. Lead singer Emily Massey’s voice is smooth and her breath control is impressive. 

“Notion” is rock band The Rare Occasion’s claim to fame. The song has over 20 million plays on Spotify and has become popular on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. “Notion” starts off with a quiet instrumental intro before introducing a rhythmic drum and guitar pattern and grunge-like vocals.

Psychedelic indie rock band Tame Impala has a knack for remixing other artists’ songs and producing from them a cohesive track. This Tame Impala remix of Miguel’s song “waves” features Miguel’s vocals and Impala’s recognizable guitar, bass and drum style.