Top Christmas gift ideas for last minute shoppers


Madelaine Vikse

A photograph of presents by a tree.

By Ariel Morris, Lifestyle writer

Christmas is almost here, and finding the right gifts for loved ones can be stressful. Here are some Christmas gift ideas that are perfect for anyone who might be hard to shop for.

Gift cards

Gift cards are a perfect gift for anyone, because a gift card equates to having money to buy whatever one desires. There are gift cards for anything, such as gaming ones like PlayStation Store, Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo eShop. There are also gift cards for restaurants such as the Outback Steakhouse, Olive Garden, and even group gift cards for selected restaurants. You also can find gift cards in gas stations like Shell and other retail stores like Walmart and Target. 

Air fryer

Fried foods are unhealthy. There are so many calories added due to the oil being used, but air fryers can cut this calorie intake in half. There are many delicious air fryer recipes. The benefits of having an air fryer extend past health benefits, as it can cut cooking times in half. An advanced cooking tool can be the best gift for cooks.

Apple AirTag

This is the best present for people who lose things easily. The Apple AirTag suits items and other things that get misplaced. This tracking device tool can be used on keys, dog collars, wallets, cars and more.

Self defense kit

We are living in a world where crime happens all around us and people need to be able to protect themselves. Everyone should have this wherever they go. These self defense keychains are mainly for a female audience and can hold items such as pepper spray, a safety alarm, kubaton stick and more. These items are affordable and easy to find online.

Foot spa

A great gift for self care, a foot spa is a relaxing item to pamper yourself. A great gift for the ladies, a foot spa improves blood circulation, reduces anxiety and keeps your feet in good condition, according to MedicalNet. There are many options to choose from on Amazon at affordable prices.

Bath & Body Works

For people obsessed with Bath & Body Works, this is a great gift. The semi-annual sale for December is coming up and there are tons of scents to choose from. From candles to body care, Bath & Body Works is a classic place to shop. From the buy two, get one free deal on three-wick candles, as well as their selection of already made holiday body care sets, this is a place to shop for a good deal.

Wireless charging station

Wireless charging stations like the Belkin Boost Charge Pro 3-in-1 Wireless Charger with MagSafe are a perfect tool for charging multiple Apple devices, so that the hassle of having multiple cords throughout the house doesn’t have to continue to be a struggle. The charging station is an organizing product that can be convenient for many, with prices starting around $140. There are many brands to choose from that are more affordable and can be found on Amazon.

Skincare kit

Skincare is an important step in one’s morning and night routines, and finding the right products can be difficult. Many people have sensitive skin, and products from brands like CeraVe can be beneficial. There are an immense amount of skincare products, giving individuals a wide selection to choose what’s best for one’s skin.