5 cheat day meal recipes to try


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Pasta shells stuffed with minced beef meat with herbs.

By Ariel Morris, Lifestyle writer

Finding new ways to spice up your meal on a cheat day is exciting, considering the abundance of delicious meals to try. One of the best things about cooking is that you can improvise and make whatever your heart desires. Cheat meals are rewarding after a long period of eating a specific way or following a specific plan. These are a few recipes to try on your day off.

1. Rock Toast

As seen on Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Instagram page, this French toast is made with thick brioche bread that is at least four inches thick, topped with peanut butter and coconut maple syrup. This meal was originally intended for adults 21 and over, due to having alcohol infused toppings, but there are ways to work around it by not adding in the alcohol, Teremana Reposado to the syrup or saturating it in the toppings. For food lovers, this is a mouthwatering treat to have for breakfast. 

2. The Best Stuffed Pasta Shells

There are several ways to prepare stuffed shells. The ingredients are easy to find in a grocery store and there’s plenty of room to improvise as well. These are easy to make and fun to eat. This dish is cheesy, meaty and flavorful, making it a great choice for pasta lovers. This recipe is different because stuffed shells don’t always have to be made with ground beef and cheese. Some use just cheese, while others may use other ingredients to create their own ideas like Philly cheesesteak stuffed shells.

3. Steak and Shrimp Hibachi with Homemade Yum Yum Sauce

Steak and shrimp fried rice sounds incredible with both combinations of meat and grilled vegetables. You can never go wrong when it comes to fried rice from Asian cultures and this recipe ensures that there will be plenty to enjoy. This meal is easy to prepare, the cooking time is not too long and the recipe also includes homemade yum yum sauce for people to make on their own. 

4. Louisiana Boiled Crawfish

This idea has been trending all throughout YouTube and other social media platforms. Even ASMR videos featured the process of making seafood boils. Served with any seafood of one’s choice, potatoes, corn and even a boiled egg, this juicy meal idea is very flavorful. Using Zatarain’s crab boil seasonings will help carry that Cajun spice, along with lemon and crawfish make this recipe interesting to try for a seafood boil. 

5. Philly Cheesesteak Sliders 

Philly cheesesteak sliders made with Hawaiian rolls sounds buttery and delicious. With a side of one’s choice, the sliders are great as a meal that’s not too filling, due to their size. Miniature Philly cheesesteaks are a great idea as these are made with some of the same ingredients as an original Philly cheesesteak, but are more fun to eat. The recipe mentions the sliders being topped with a garlic butter spread, making them buttery, golden and crispy.