Lifestyle’s weekly Spotify playlist #42


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By Lifestyle staff

Weekly Spotify playlist: 

Madelaine’s picks

  1. Tame Impala – “Remember Me”
  2. Vundabar – “Ringing Bell”
  3. Blue Dahlia – “1995”

“Remember Me” is a single released by Tame Impala in 2009. While Tame Impala is known for its psychedelic sound and unique synth style, this is one of the artist’s songs that has a grunge and rock-inspired sound. Nothing against Tame Impala’s recent releases as I’m still a huge fan of them, but it’s nice to hear Kevin Parker’s vocals in a more raw way. In this song, Parker’s voice sounds like a mix of The Beatles and alt-J. The instrumental track features a playful grunge guitar riff that completes this song.

Indie-rock band Vundabar released their latest EP “Lore” on Feb. 23. The EP contains four songs and “Ringing Bell” is the last track. The song was also released as a single last November. Vundabar is incredibly talented at tweaking their sound just a little so that their discography has the same vibe, but the songs don’t sound so similar to each other that it becomes repetitive or boring. 

Blue Dahlia has a little over 30 thousand monthly listeners, but their song “1995” has over 1.5 million plays. The alternative-pop rock band released “1995” as a single in 2019. After listening, it is very likely that this song will be stuck in your head and you will find yourself humming its catchy melody.

Bailey’s picks

  1. Halsey – “Castle”
  2. Glass Animals – “I Don’t Wanna Talk (I Just Wanna Dance)”
  3. Seether – “Country Song”

“Castle” was created as part of the soundtrack to the movie “The Huntsman: Winter’s War” in 2016. Halsey added the single to her album “Badlands” and it was one of the most popular songs on the album. The artist released her most recent album “If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power” in August of 2021.

This alternative band is much more commonly known for their 2020 song “Heat Waves,” but this is one on the same album that deserves the same hype. The song is fun and the lyrics are appropriate for all ages. The beat and lyrics make this a fun and upbeat song that definitely makes you want to dance. 

This rock song with a touch of country in the beat was released in 2011 and still is as good today as it was then. Seether is most commonly known for their song “Fake It,” released in 2007, on their album “Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces.” The band was formed in 1999 and its members are singer and guitarist Shaun Morgan, singer and bassist Dale Stewart and drummer John Humphrey. 

Kyron’s picks

  1. Maroon 5 – “Wait”
  2. Michael Jackson – “Man in the Mirror”
  3. NAV – “NAV”

“Wait” is yet another pop hit from Maroon 5. Lead vocalist Adam Levine’s vocals are on point again and the autotune effect only assists in how great his voice sounds on the song. At its core, the song is about not wanting to give up on a romantic relationship, no matter the hardships or obstacles. 

Michael Jackson, the king of pop, has an impressive catalog. “Man in the Mirror” is one of the most recognizable songs in his catalog and has such a captivating message about self-reflection and making a change. 

NAV was one of the underrated stars in 2016. His songs have a relaxed vibe and lyrics ranging from a variety of topics dealing with drug use, wealth, being the underdog and more.

Grace’s picks 

  1. Umphrey’s McGee – “Uncommon” 
  2. Deftones – “My Own Summer (Shove It)” 
  3. Arctic Monkeys – “505” 

Umphrey’s McGee is a band from Indiana. This jam band experiments with a lot of different styles, including rock, metal, funk, jazz, blues, reggae, electronic and folk, making it a band that anyone can find a song to jam to. “Uncommon” is a funky rock song with hints of reggae and catchy lyrics. 

“My Own Summer (Shove It)” is a song perfect for releasing pent-up anger or just to rock out to. Deftones does a great job starting the song slow and soft then kicking it up to a more heavy rock song. The way Deftones arrange their songs creates a great breakdown and perfect headbanging tune. 

“505” by Arctic Monkeys is a soulful melody with beautiful and heartbreaking lyrics. This song will definitely have you in your feelings if you’ve just gone through a breakup but is also just a great song to sing along to. The lead singer of Arctic Monkeys has a smooth unique voice, making it an easy listen. 

Daija’s picks

  1. Lucy Dacus – “Night Shift”
  2. Lily Moore, Maverick Sabre – “In-between”
  3. Night Moves – “Only To Live In Your Memories”

“Night Shift” is a six-and-a-half-minute song where Dacus describes the aftermath of a breakup and trying to cope while trying to avoid an ex. The song starts with a simple guitar instrumental but then towards the end it picks up with an almost heavy-metal sound to show how chaotic getting over someone is. 

A duet with Moore and Sabre going back and forth deciding if they should stay together or give up even though they will never stop loving each other. The song has a jazzy vibe and the backing gospel vocals tie everything together and Moore and Sabre have strong distinct vocals that shine in this song.

John Pelant, the lead singer of the band Night Moves, details wanting a partner to commit, but knowing deep down it won’t happen. With Pelant’s deep, smooth vocals and the electric-pop instrumental, this song is perfect for the sunny weather.