Lifestyle’s weekly Spotify playlist #43


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By Lifestyle staff

Weekly Spotify playlist: 

Madelaine’s picks

  1. Wallows – “At the End of the Day”
  2. Vampire Weekend, Goose – “2021 (January 5th, to be exact)”
  3. Arctic Monkeys – “No. 1 Party Anthem”

“At the End of the Day” is the newest song from indie rock band Wallows, released on March 4. This song has an ‘80s sound to it and features lyrics about being in a relationship and that no matter what happens you just want to be happy and content together at the end of the day.

“2021 (January 5th, to be exact)” is a 20-minute-long live recording of their song “2021,” from the band’s 2019 album “Father of the Bride.” In this longer version, the band takes their time trying out different things throughout the live version and adds in things not heard in the original song. This version also showcases lead singer Ezra Koenig’s voice in a very raw way that sounds even better than the original. 20 minutes sounds like a long time, but it’s definitely a good choice if you have a long drive ahead of you.

“No. 1 Party Anthem” is one of the Arctic Monkeys’ calm, relaxing songs. This song comes off of the band’s album “AM,” arguably their most successful album. On Spotify, four out of the five most popular songs for the Arctic Monkeys are from that same album. Songs such as “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High” and “Do I Wanna Know?” are the two most popular from “AM.” 

Daija’s picks

  1. JP Saxe – “Changed”
  2. Rachel Chinouriri – “All I Ever Asked”
  3. Sydney Rose – “Phoebe Told Me”

Saxe is mostly known for his hit single “If the World Was Ending,” a duet with Julia Michaels, but “Changed” is an underrated song and one of his first few singles. He details feeling nostalgic about an ex when you come across something that reminds you of them. Saxe’s vocals are smooth and he perfects the art of layering, especially when he harmonizes with himself. 

“All I Ever Asked” gained popularity through snippets Chinouriri had released on TikTok until the full version was officially released on March 8. This song details knowing your worth in a relationship and that asking for respect is the bare minimum your partner can do. It has a cool, catchy beat that is perfect with the weather warming up.

Rose uses her single “Phoebe Told Me” as a tribute to singer-songwriter Phoebe Bridgers who has inspired her to try out new things and not worry all the time. Similar in style to Bridgers with low, soft vocals and a guitar instrumental, this song showcases Rose’s talent and the impact musicians like Bridgers can have on people. 

Quade’s picks

  1. FBIV – “Deus, Patria, Rei (Portuguese Loyalist Song)” 
  2. LMYK – “0 (zero) -English version-”
  3. Michael Jackson – “Black or White”

This song is very old compared to the others on this list but deserves a spot due to its catchy Spanish guitar beat. This song was a rallying cry for Portuguese monarchists.

“0 (zero)” is LMYK’s new hit which blends her signature piercing vocals with her lyrical prowess, creating a song that surpasses her previous work. Most of her songs are in Japanese but this one is in English. Usually, she has strong lyrics throughout many of her songs and she shows it off in this one as well.

“Black or White” by the iconic Michael Jackson is a very underrated song, compared to “Beat It” and “Billy Jean,” but the message still is true to this day. The notion of sticking true to someone despite the tiny differences that we have still resonates. 

Kyron’s picks

  1. Nirvana – “Something In The Way”
  2. Drake – “God’s Plan”
  3. Sam Smith – “Stay With Me”

“Something In The Way” has a unique melody and is captivating. The beat and instrumentals are soothing yet also have a grim tone.

Drake is undoubtedly one of the most popular artists in the industry today. “God’s Plan” has a great beat, not too groundbreaking in lyrics, but it still is a great song that at its core is about being destined to succeed. 

Sam Smith has some of the best vocals in the industry. “Stay With Me” is somewhat heartbreaking because it tells the story of someone essentially just wanting to be loved and not be alone.

Grace’s picks 

  1. Nine Inch Nails – “Terrible Lie” 
  2. Umphrey’s McGee – “Attachments” 
  3. Ministry – “Alert Level” 

Nine Inch Nails is an ‘80s style rock band with hints of electronic and techno. The song “Terrible Lie” has heavy lyrics mixed with synth sounds. The ‘80s were a transformative time for a lot of music and this song definitely experimented with different sounds. You can hear the inspiration in current techno music. 

This song is a great sing-along song and has dancey vibes. The lyrics are great and relatable. Umphrey’s does a great job changing up their sound, making them a band anyone can get into. 

Ministry is another ‘80s rock band and they recently came out with this song in 2021. This song has a lot of samples in it from news audio. The song is a commentary on the state of the world in the present, especially regarding the pandemic.