A look at the daily habit tracker app Fabulous


Daija Hammonds

When users download the app they are given questions to answer (Daija Hammonds | Northern Star)

By Laqes Davis, Lifestyle Writer

Editor’s Note: This review is the writer’s opinion and the Northern Star is not sponsored by Fabulous.

Health and wellness app Fabulous has captured over 1.2 million users since its launch date in 2014. Sami Ben Hassine, CEO at Fabulous, alongside co-founders Amine Laadhari and Taylor Ling led this project to success. 

Production began in Paris, branching out to research teams at the Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University. Hassine hatched up the idea before Laadhari and Ling came aboard. Hassine believed that building good habits could reveal the “fabulous” self that is locked inside each of us, and this belief became the app’s name.

Fabulous utilizes behavioral science as a way to coach its users which assists in enforcing better habits. The crew knew that human behavior would be a tough topic to approach because regular routine checklists and pestering reminders could stunt the process of forming good habits on its own. 

 Fabulous uses a technique called “environmental change,” which involves organizing your space. Altering one’s environment can encourage people to make better choices. 

The coaching system guides the participant into living a healthier, more productive lifestyle by helping the user construct daily rituals. Finding structure and retaining discipline with daily routines can support modifying one’s mindset.

Along the journey of self-development, the app offers multiple challenges to complete. After completion, colorful illustrations exhibit the user’s progression by using motivational quotes, story progression and unlockable achievements.

These weekly challenges turn daily life into a quest that is fed to you by the app’s story progression. If you struggle with staying motivated, then connecting with an in-app community of inspired people from around the world could help. 

This app offers teaching that navigates at your pace. It guides you into building a healthy rhythm by starting you off with one task to accomplish before adding another one. Fabulous will teach you mindfulness and can relieve stress, while at the same time pushing you to get things done. For instance, you can carry out challenges geared at cleaning your home or focusing on personal projects. 

Trying out “Fabulous” will teach you methods that you can apply to daily life. It can propel you to the top of your game and put you on the path to success. “Fabulous” is available on iOS and Android.