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Street Interviews: Do you use Huskie Hub?

By Lucy Atkinson, Opinion Editor | April 4, 2023

DeKALB – Huskie Hub, the online platform for student organizations on campus, is accessible as an app. Student organizations can post notices about upcoming-events, communicate with their members and much more. However, while many students find the...

Street Interviews: Thoughts on the Huskie statue, Oorah

By Lucy Atkinson, Opinion Editor | March 28, 2023

DeKALB –  The Huskies on Parade statues sprinkled across DeKalb have served as a source of unity and remembrance since they were installed in memorial of the Feb. 14 shooting at NIU.  The theft of one such colorful Huskie, however, is a shock and...

Street Interviews: Who do you want to win March Madness?

By Nanette Nkolomoni, Copy Editor | March 21, 2023

DeKALB – With the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) March Madness Basketball tournament taking place, many are tuning into the tournament eager for their favorite team to win.  Tuesday, NIU students gave their thoughts on the March...

Street Interviews: Selena Gomez or Hailey Bieber?

By Lucy Atkinson, Opinion Editor | March 7, 2023

DeKALB – As Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber fans battle for the honor of their favored celebrity, the situation is becoming increasingly heated. Among NIU students, the general consensus seems to be an urgency to rally behind Selena, who has remained...

Street Interviews: What are your thoughts on ChatGPT?

By Lucy Atkinson, Opinion Editor | February 27, 2023

DeKALB –From Bing’s unsettling alter-ego, Sydney, to writing generators such as ChatGPT, artificial intelligence is on the rise. Far from Terminator-level threats, but clearly still a serious discussion, the concern on campus is that students will...

Street Interviews: What was the most memorable Super Bowl Halftime show?

By Angelina Padilla-Tompkins, Editor-in-Chief | February 20, 2023

DeKALB – The 57th Super Bowl was on Feb. 12, with the Kansas City Chiefs winning 38-35 against the Philadelphia Eagles. While football fanatics tune in for the games, many turn on their TV to watch the famous halftime show. This year was hosted by Apple...

Street Interviews: Should DeKalb have a Metra Train Station?

By Lucy Atkinson, Opinion Editor | February 10, 2023

DeKALB –With NIU students arriving on campus from all over the state and globe, the idea of a Metra Train station located closer to NIU is strongly appealing. From increased traveling accessibility to weekend trips into the Windy City, support for the...

Street Interviews: Do you still watch award shows?

By Nanette Nkolomoni, Copy Editor | February 9, 2023

DeKALB – Award shows used to be something I would often look forward to. They were fun and exciting to watch with many jaw dropping moments. Whether it’s Beyoncé performing a smash hit, Drake confessing his love to Rihanna, or Ye running onto stage,...

Street Interviews: How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day?

By Lucy Atkinson, Opinion Editor | February 6, 2023

The holiday of sweethearts, lovebirds and Cupid’s mischievous arrow will soon be upon us. Not all NIU students, however, have majorly romantic plans this year. The life of a college kid is a busy one! Whether this Valentine’s Day finds us with candlelit...

Street interviews: Thoughts on NIU naming new mascot Mission III?

By Lucy Atkinson, Opinion Editor | January 27, 2023

NIU introduced Mission III, the new Siberian Husky live mascot, to replace Mission II, whose time frolicking in NIU spirit was spectacularly done, but who will step down due to allergy complications. The new mascot being named Mission III continues the...

Street Interviews: Should NIU have a fall break?

By Lucy Atkinson, Opinion Editor | January 22, 2023

DeKALB –While NIU engages in a Thanksgiving break every November, the university does not have fall break, as some other schools do. Whether or not to implement one is a debate that continues, but the issue is tricky. While an extra day to sleep...

Street Interviews: Where do you get your news?

By Lucy Atkinson, Opinion Editor | November 16, 2022

DeKALB – Through the Northern Star, students may sign up to receive the daily TLDR newsletter. However there is a long list of press available to the public, from The New York Times to CNN to BBC, and there is an equally long list of platforms on...