Northern Star

Correct AD choice necessity to NIU athletics

October 20, 1987

The NIU athletic department has been given a major opportunity to improve itself, an opportunity which it should not waste. The university is deep in the process of choosing a new athletic director to head both men's and women's athletics. The decision of who gets the job will be either a big turning...

Star baseball experts pick Series champs

October 6, 1987

Last spring, The Northern Star Panel of Baseball Experts ran predictions on the four divisional races. While only two picks hit the mark (Dave Tuley with St. Louis and Dan Moran with San Francisco), there were 11 picks of second-place teams. Of course, close only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades an...

NIU 8 points away from being perfect

Dave Tuley

October 5, 1987

YPSILANTI, Mich.—After NIU's 32-31 loss to Eastern Michigan, the Huskies are 1-2-1 although they are a mere eight points away from having a perfect record. NIU's non-wins include a 39-35 loss to Lamar in the opener, a 16-16 tie to Northwestern a week ago and Saturday's one-point setback. * FEMU ha...

Baseball not prejudiced as Rev. Jackson thinks

July 29, 1987

This week—Dan vs. Jesse Jackson. I can sum up the adventure with one simple statement: Rev. Jackson, stay out of baseball. First, an admission. I like Jesse Jackson. Sort of. I remember seeing him on Lou Grant several years ago, playing a character called the Rev. Jesse Jackson, lashing out against ...

Spring practice ends

Dan Moran

April 23, 1987

Think of spring and you think of baseball. Everywhere you turn, the National Pastime is grabbing headlines. The Milwaukee Brewers captured the eye of the sporting world by starting their season with a 13-0 record. The Chicago Cubs' Jaime Moyer came within three outs of a no-hitter, and 1987 marks the ...

Today’s upbeat subjects: death, taxes and rain

April 15, 1987

Wise men say there are two things in life that are certain—death and taxes. We usually can't do anything to avoid impending death, but today is the day to take care of taxes. Have you filed all the required forms? If you haven't, don't fret. It could be worse. It could be raining. When it comes to th...

Sox win Series, Fridge gets thin … April Fools

April 1, 1987

Lies are legal today. With that in mind, here are my predictions for the sports world on this day of fools and jokers. The Cubs and Sox will run away with their respective divisions and meet in the World Series. Shawon Dunston will win a Gold Glove. Gene Michael will have a locker room tirade a la Lee ...

Former red-shirts move to forefront

Dan Moran

April 1, 1987

During the past six weeks, as the 26 major league baseball teams have gone through the paces of spring training, the catch-phrase "undergoing a youth movement" has popped up a few times. Over at Huskie Stadium, the NIU football team has a youth movement of its own going on. Spring practice is a time for ...

Final Four forecasts from faithful friends

Dan Moran

March 27, 1987

You are looking live at sold-out Soldier Field where today the Chicago Bears meet the New York Giants for the NFC championship ... ha, ha—wheeee! What, am I supposed to tell you kids who I think will win the NCAA championship? Look, I'm into baseball—I eat, breathe and sleep baseball this time o...

Tournaments getting too big for their britches

March 25, 1987

Every year it seems a different sport decides to expand its playoffs by inviting more teams or lengthening "best-of" series. After the NCAA crowns its basketball champion Monday in New Orleans, we soon will be bombarded with the stretch run for the final spots in the professional hockey and basketba...

Huskies hope three is a charm vs. WMU

Jim Wozniak

February 4, 1987

Baseball does not begin for another two months, but NIU will try to avoid striking out on the basketball court tonight. The Huskie men's basketball team plays Western Michigan in Kalamazoo, Mich., at 6:45. It will be the third time the two teams have met this year, with the Broncos emerging on top i...

Trade February for a month to be named later

February 4, 1987

Are we having fun yet? Probably not. Sportswise, February is the most boring month of the year. The calendar says Feb. 4, and the top sports story so far this month has been about the America's Cup race in Australia. Exciting, huh? The Pro Bowl, which is always the sloppiest played game of the year, ...