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Editorial: New plan won’t achieve safety goals

NIU has outdone itself this time. Recently, a new policy concerning security for off-campus parties was put into action by members of the Student Association and the NIU administration. This policy, dubbed the Off Campus Security Policy, makes it possible...

Peters addresses summer projects, renovations at University Council meeting

By Lauren Dielman | May 2, 2012

At the last University Council meeting of the semester, NIU President John Peters addressed all the projects and renovations taking place over the summer. Peters said the university will also focus on transitioning to a completely wireless campus. Peters...

NIU Police offer security at off-campus parties

By Chelsey Boutan | May 2, 2012

If the NIU police show up at your door, it’s probably not because you invited them to your party. But a new policy will allow students to have NIU police provide security services at off-campus parties and social events located at private residences...

SA Senate approves FY 2013 budget

By Felix Sarver | April 29, 2012

The Student Association (SA) Senate approved a $1.5 million FY 2013 budget. The money for the budget comes from activity fees students pay. The fees are allocated to student organizations to cover costs. New expenses were added to the budget before it...

SA Senate censures treasurer

By Felix Sarver | April 22, 2012

A resolution to censure Student Association (SA) Treasurer Jeremy Sanchez was passed by the SA Senate Sunday. Sanchez failed to give a complete budget for the 2012-2013 academic year past deadline last Thursday, Senate Speaker Austin Quick said. One of...

SA Senate approves Tugs funding

By Felix Sarver | April 15, 2012

Funding for a long-standing Greek fraternity tug-of-war contest was approved by the Student Association Senate Sunday. The SA Senate allowed the Interfraternity Council to receive $5,000 in supplemental funding for Tugs, an annual fraternity competition....

Opposition to new police station remains

By Ian Gough & Joe Palmer | April 9, 2012

Irving Construction will be the contract manager for the new DeKalb Police Department station. The decision was made at a DeKalb City Council meeting Monday. Interim DeKalb Police Chief Ron Pearson said the department hopes construction starts soon, but...

Faculty Senate looks at funding possibilities for Rec Center

By Felix Sarver | April 4, 2012

A look into a different way to fund the Campus Recreation Center was reported to the Faculty Senate Wednesday. Austin Quick, Student Association Senate Speaker, told the Faculty Senate he was working with the university administration to create a dedicated...

Teresa Bozikis, director of Academic Affairs, speaks about the This I Believe essay contest at Sundays SA senate meeting. Five students and five faculty members will read their essays in the Carl Sandburg Audiorium on April 4.

SA Senate cuts funding to organizations that restrict membership

By Felix Sarver | April 1, 2012

Student organizations will now be able to restrict membership, though they will lose Student Association funding if they choose to do so. The SA Senate passed a bill Sunday allowing student organizations to maintain their status as an SA-recognized organization...

Editorial: SA executives should bring change

By Northern Star Editorial Board | March 28, 2012

Delonte LeFlore is not Superman. Gina Gregolunas, Joshua Venaas and Elliot Echols are not members of his Justice League. They don’t fly around saving the world, but they do have the opportunity to help NIU. Yesterday they were a group of students, and...

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Quick: Stereotypes add to culture of fear

By Linze Griebenow | March 28, 2012

Racial stereotyping has reached a boiling point, and NIU is putting the issue on the front burner, said Austin Quick, Student Association Senate Speaker. “One of the things we’ve been reading a lot about and seeing in the news is this whole bullying...

SA Senate recognizes Ultimate Tazer Ball club

By Felix Sarver | March 25, 2012

The Student Association Senate recognized a club based on a — literally — shocking sport Sunday. The NIU Ultimate Tazer Ball (UTB) club was accepted into the SA. The club’s representative, Robert Lausch, said the sport was described by the media...