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NIU offers financial aid help

By Jessi Haish | February 6, 2013

“FAFSA Fridays” will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. every Friday during the spring semester in Swen Parson Hall, Room 245. This event is open to current and prospective students and is free. All participants should bring federal income taxes for...

Jane Jordan gives Dollars and Cents presentation

Jane Jordan gives ‘Dollars and Cents’ presentation

By Meghan Connell | September 10, 2012

Jane Jordan, Associate Director of Division of Student Affairs, talks to students about successively applying for financial aid during the presentation 'Dollars and Cents' in the Neptune smart classroom. The presentation entailed information about types...

Letter is ‘morale-crushing propaganda’

By Letter to the editor | February 15, 2012

Apparently, an angry article about unemployment and student debt is "morale-crushing propaganda."Ms. Howard says that she works "one job that pays for less than a quarter of [her] housing." If this is so, then she is either going to be over $40,000 in...

Winning the FAFSA race

By Parker Happ | January 17, 2012

New Years resolutions are hard to keep, but one you should definitely look to fulfill is filling your FAFSA form fast, my friend. Say that five times fast.In all seriousness, the sooner you file, the better. Students new to filling out the form should...

FAFSA deadline extended for MAP grant eligibility

By Danny Ciamprone | March 21, 2011

Panic turned to jubilation at the NIU Financial Aid Office Monday morning after the MAP grant eligibility deadline was extended to Friday. The deadline for students to complete the FAFSA in order to be eligible for the MAP grant was originally 11 p.m....

Scholarship for Caucasian males is misguided

By Jack Baker | March 6, 2011

Is there anything more ridiculous than young, white males complaining about equality? I really don't think so. A new non-profit group at Texas State University, The Former Majority Association for Equality, is offering scholarships to a group of students...

Apartment rates in DeKalb are too high for students

By Letter Writer | February 27, 2011

The apartment rates in DeKalb are extremely high. I feel that they are asking for a lot of money for students that are attending school; some students are not able to pay that much. I think they should have an option for monthly or semester leases. That...

FAFSA Fun Fest Fridays to launch this week

By Jacqueline Evans | February 16, 2011

Students are expected to swarm Swen Parson Hall Friday afternoon to see just how much financial aid they will receive next year. The Student Financial Aid Office will host FAFSA Fun Fest on Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to kick off the semester-long series...

MAP grant funding to decrease at average of $102 per student

By Amy Kreeger | January 20, 2011

Students may soon have to find other means to pay for college. Kathleen Brunson, director of Student Financial Aid, said almost 6,000 students received the MAP grant last fall, and those who are receiving it this semester can expect a decrease. The average...

NIU Investment Association teaches students finance

By James Maahs | October 11, 2010

Students interested in investing or learning about investing have an organization catered to their interest, the NIU Investment Association. The NIU Investment Association is a student-run group that discusses current issue topics involving investing...

The Financial Aid Office is here to answer all of your questions

By Portia Kerr-Newman | October 10, 2010

The Office of Student Financial Aid serves as resource for students who need assistance with the financial process. But some students feel financial aid does not do its job in assisting or providing adequate information. I began to wonder why so many...

Financial aid spending differs among students

By Jalen Cobb | October 5, 2010

Martha Pankow , senior early childhood education major, spent some of her financial aid refund check on items not related to school, but she said saving some money is also important. "I think students who work hard to get a refund check should use at...