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Sunny Side Reviews: The Junction

By Ginger Simons | July 30, 2018

The Junction Eating Place, 816 W Lincoln Highway, has served the DeKalb community since 1969, providing students and locals with indulgent, homestyle meals.What sets Junction apart from other local eateries is an atmosphere that recalls an earlier period...

Watson Intelligence generates love connections

By Ryan Janovic | October 2, 2017

The first play of the School of Theater and Dance’s production season, “The (curious case of the) Watson Intelligence,” is a complex story about how people are empowered through their connections with others. As Thomas Watson wonderfully puts it,...

Pass/Fail: Company speaks on reviewing hires; Visas stop some from getting jobs

By Mohammed Taha Faridi | October 23, 2014

Pass: Company speaks on reviewing hiresMembers of Baxter International Inc. presented information on how they hire candidates at one of my operation management and informations systems classes last week.After the presentation, there was an informal Q&A...

‘Deadly Premonition’ is a cult classic

By David Stenger | May 1, 2013

Who said cult classics only had to be movies? “Deadly Premonition” is a psychological horror game that also has an open-world aspect. The director’s cut was released Tuesday as an exclusive on the PS3. It’s a strange game with aspects that are...

Indie band experiments with dance and rock

By Kevin Bartelt | April 30, 2013

For some, underappreciated bands are open-ended and easy to spot. For me, underappreciated bands are very specific moments in time. Generally, these instances occur when a friend unintentionally plays a song that begs the question, “Why have I never...

‘Reincarnated’ album best captures the new Snoop

By Kevin Bartelt | April 24, 2013

“Reincarnated” is the perfect world to describe Snoop Lion. After a transforming trip to Jamaica, Snoop Lion adopted the rastafarian way of life. Beside the references to drugs, the Bob Marley-influenced album is unlike any of his previously recorded...

‘Breakfast Club’ star’s album underwhelms

By Katie Finlon | April 9, 2013

Molly Ringwald, famous for playing Claire from the John Hughes movie “The Breakfast Club,” released a jazz standard album—I guess weirder things have happened. Ringwald’s 10-track album “Except Sometimes” debuted Tuesday. The album had jazz...

‘Bioshock: Infinite’ game adds excitement to series

By David Stenger | April 3, 2013

Nothing feels better than flying through the air and throwing down fireballs at enemies. “Bioshock Infinite” is a first-person shooter with RPG elements. Players get to take the main characters around the flying city, Columbia. It’s 1912 and Booker...

‘Doctor Who’ returns with a lackluster season opener

By Aymie Telinski | April 1, 2013

“Doctor Who” returned in an episode that may have had fans asking the question “When?” rather than “Who?” As in, when will the writers give a detailed explanation of the newest companion? A revamped TARDIS, Wi-Fi that steals souls and a new...

Members of the NIU gymnastics team congratulate each other after posting high scores at the meet against Eastern Michigan University on March 1.

Women’s gymnastics can continue success next season

By Matt Hopkinson | March 25, 2013

With the culmination of the gymnastics season Saturday at Western Michigan, there are factors that are good and bad for the future of the NIU squad. Obviously, the first problem is NIU losing two seniors. Marisa Liptak is one of the highest scoring members...

Buckcherry’s new album will delight hard rock fans

By Kevin Bartelt | February 25, 2013

Hard rock in the 21st century is hit or miss. Many modern rock bands fail to give justice to the classics. Buckcherry reminds listeners of “Guns N’ Roses” and “AC/DC”, and the band’s originality keeps its music fresh and enjoyable. Buckcherry’s...

Ushers Versus stands with his best

Usher’s “Versus” stands with his best

By Tony Martin | August 24, 2010

RATING: 4/5 An artist as prolific as Usher deserves all the attention that he gets. It goes without saying that he has some of the hands-down best R&B slow jams ("Nice & Slow", "Burn," et al), club joints ("Yeah", "O.M.G"), and guest verses (R....